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  1. swanita

    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    I wish it was that i was happy as a civvie nurse but unfortunately it's not. Let me clarify that i love my job but looking for something more....just not quite sure what  :P  Obviously more thinking needed on my part!
  2. swanita

    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    Well, this is something i have considered for a couple years. I'm an infantry reserve MCpl & have just graduated with my BScN (post diploma) & have been an RN for 5yrs now....still contemplating making the move as it does really interest me to be an NO but something keeps holding me back.
  3. swanita

    Let's Put An End To Breast Cancer!

    Hi guys.....I am hoping some of you can help me & my teammate out in the Toronto Weekend to End Breast Cancer event coming up on September 8-10. Some difficulties are being had in fundraising efforts so I thought I'd plead our case here again!! We did this event last year & were quite...
  4. swanita

    Da Vinci Code movie

    So, this  being the big movie weekend for Da Vinci Code......what are the thoughts behind the movie, or book, & the story it presents..... I haven't seen the movie as of yet but have read the book & found it an interesting read. Not sure if i believe the story line though but who's to say in...
  5. swanita

    Let's Put An End To Breast Cancer!

    There is a walk on Father's day i believe but it certainly isn't 60km. Something for you to start up perhaps??  ;D
  6. swanita

    Let's Put An End To Breast Cancer!

    I'm sure there are links on the weekend website with ideas as well but here's a few that I know have been successful for people: fundraising parties, Texas Hold'em poker tournaments, car washes & having a table set up at a craft show or something, and tag days, where you get permission to be...
  7. swanita

    Let's Put An End To Breast Cancer!

    As of yet undetermined, not sure if new CO will give us permission though but there's still plenty of time to decide that!  :P But I can tell you now to bring some kleenex for the opening/closing ceremonies!
  8. swanita

    Let's Put An End To Breast Cancer!

    Wow i'm getting a feeling of deja vu!!! My team & I did the same thing for last year!!! We were quite successfull & did it with rucks & combat boots!! Two of us doing it again, it will be a GREAT experience & looking forward to it again this year! (if you don't mind a little self promotion!!) My...
  9. swanita

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Quality music...unlike a lot of the stuff "produced" nowadays!  :o
  10. swanita

    Happy Robbie Burns Day

    Happy Robbie Burns day!!!!!  :-*
  11. swanita

    Unit training with local police service

    32 brigade did a domestic response exercise in early december that incorporated the local police department in a sort of protestor/riot scene. Also, there's talk of Mississauga fire department and my regiment sharing a training building in the future....things to look forward too perhaps?? Swanny
  12. swanita

    Quebec and the elections

    I hope not, then i might be an "immigrant"  ;D
  13. swanita

    This is not the Canada I remember [Boo-ing Team USA]

    I agree....too much analyzing, it happens in all games. Ignore it & carry on is all, in my opinion.
  14. swanita


    WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :cdn:
  15. swanita

    Cambrian Patrol 2005

    Well, they only started off with MAYBE 20 people who actually showed up the first training weekend. And more have dropped out rather than people being chosen at this stage. I hope whoever makes the final team, I think to be chosen by June, that they do well! Swanita
  16. swanita

    Left Over Turkey

    I hear ya! Instead of "where's the beef?"........where's the turkey??  ;D
  17. swanita

    Missing some training

    That might be a little more difficult as you'll be missing more days of training. Submit a memo anyways and see what happens, of course specifying the reason is for a wedding in the family. Good luck with that.
  18. swanita

    When Hubbies Away....

    Lets just hope she only uses it for going to dinner/movies/shopping.....& not other things!!  :o
  19. swanita

    Missing some training

    It may depend. Once you've learned how to write a memo, write one to give your section commander specifying the dates you will be gone. What has happened to my recruits in the past is that the leave may be granted as long as your unit will be able to make up the training that you will be missing...
  20. swanita

    Irritations of this Season of Peace

    I totally agree, however, that is a yearly occurance!  :o