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  1. westie47

    ICE Direct Action Shirt and Soft Shell Jacket

    Hobey and Paul at ICE asked me to trial a couple of his new clothing items, the Direct Action Shirt and the Soft Shell Jacket.  Since we had the Suffield exercise coming up I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try these items out.  I’ll start with the Direct Action Shirt.  This shirt...
  2. westie47

    Close Protection Training

    The 'Harvard' of EP schools??? Some think Pheonix is the Harvard, others think Ronin is the standard, still others believe Trojan is. I'm not even going to mention the US WPPS schools...BW, Dyncorp Crucible. The video on the ESI site looks like a Tactical Response HRCC course video. I'm sure...
  3. westie47

    Spring Clean Out Sale

    Well it's time for me to get rid of a bunch of stuff I no longer need. From top left to right: 1. Blackhawk Admin Pouch (used but good condition) $10 2. ESSTAC AK Single Mag Pouch (new)(4) $15 ea 3. TT Medic Pouch (used but good condition)(2) $20 ea 4. ESSTAC Admin Pouch (new - no PALS on...
  4. westie47

    Hearing (Merged) Including Hearing Tests and Hearing Categories

    So I am 55 dB in the 4000 Hz range. The above link says I am H4 if I am 50 dB or higher in the 3000 Hz  range. I wonder what the difference is.
  5. westie47

    CG634 = MICH TC-200x?

    I would say none of them, but if you had to choose I would go with the MC2000. Planning on using your own helmet???
  6. westie47

    Hearing (Merged) Including Hearing Tests and Hearing Categories

    Thanks for the info, I was H3 last year but I went for an actual Audiogram and it looks like I am pushing into the H4 cat.  I am going to get one or two more tests doen at different places to ensure a consistent result. The MO told me last year that they are only concerened with the low ranges...
  7. westie47

    Hearing (Merged) Including Hearing Tests and Hearing Categories

    Perfect, thanks. My Google-fu is very weak, unless it involves porn!!!!!! That explained pretty much everything except this: Since I am already a serving member and am infantry, at what level do I become medically unfit for infantry/deployment? H3, H4, below H4?????
  8. westie47

    "Keller" Evac Slings

    I did a course with CTOMS last year and we practised/learned the K Sling.  It is very innovative, but EVERYONE on your team needs to carry one and know how to use it. You also need the Rigger's belt that was made to work with it.
  9. westie47

    Hearing (Merged) Including Hearing Tests and Hearing Categories

    I did a search but yielded no results. My question for you medics is this, what/how are the hearing catagories set up? I am infantry and was given an H3 because I had experienced hearing loss.  I just completed an Audiogram and am worried my hearing in the one ear will push me out of the...
  10. westie47

    US commits to 1000 troops for Canada in Kandahar Province

    Aren't those the Route Clearance vehicles, I forget the name. Isn't one of them called a Grizzly??? Maybe that's what MRAP is.............
  11. westie47

    Battle of Panjwai , Legion Article

    Any idea when the next two parts of the story are coming out????
  12. westie47

    The Last Calvary Charge - Lt. Gordon Muriel Flowerdew, LdSH(RC), 30 Mar 1918

    That is a pretty amazing feat, a good friend of mine's grandfather won a VC in WWI for the same thing, but it was at the Battle of Cambrai with the Fort Garry Horse. He has his grandfather's VC and sword. I do believe that these traits are passed down as my friend is a true warrior in his own...
  13. westie47

    Close Protection Training

    It's open to all trades, Cpl to Sgt. Just have to pass the Assessment Center and you're good to go.
  14. westie47

    Troops carrying pistols outside the gate

    They should NOT use IDPA/IPSC as a guide. These are games like MG has said.  The military needs to conduct training on how to FIGHT with a pistol. Full stop. Same as the rifle. If they can't come up with a course/instructors within the military, then contract out.  We already do that with...
  15. westie47

    Troops carrying pistols outside the gate

    I've been a bit lucky, on two separate occasions I have been allwoed to run tactical pistol training, unrestricted. The first was at my home unit a couple of years ago. This is before Gunfighter really took off. We were asked for ideas for an upcoming range ex, I put together a plan and...
  16. westie47

    NY Times article: Coping With Loss, Military Kin Also Struggle With a Windfall

    I agree completely, it's no one's business what the people left behind do with their money. Personally, I will leave detailed instructions/plans for my wife. Pay the house off, go on a cruise, get a car, etc. If anyone says anything, they can go jump off a bridge.
  17. westie47

    CADPAT Rain Gear

    I think the sleeve pockets are too small for the PRR, I can hardly get three fingers into those pockets.  As far as I was told in  Edmonton, this is the new ARMY raingear. TF 1-08 got it first. Maybe that was only a limited run and they still haven't awarded a contract.
  18. westie47

    The stuff the Army issues is Excellent!

    I like the parade boots, ankle :salute:
  19. westie47

    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    I think Phil wears eye=pro, just not the issued glasses. Myself, I wear the issue glasses around here but I would prefer to wear my oakleys (US army issue). I seem to remember a time as a young troop, being told that we only need one mag for a section attack!!!!! But we had 4 spares, just in ...