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  1. Jaxson

    Thanks for the help.

    So Bobbit Mike? or Tibbob Ekim :salute:
  2. Jaxson

    Basic sept 4th

    You all memorize your S/n like you were told to?
  3. Jaxson

    Basic sept 4th

    I just cant sleep no more, ive been goin to bed at 5am and waking up at 8am, im just to damn excited about going to borden now.
  4. Jaxson


    Make sure its your gut and not another lower body organ.
  5. Jaxson


    +1 Love costco.
  6. Jaxson

    Basic sept 4th

    for me BMQ will also start on September 4th in Borden, going Infantry. see you all there, goodluck. :salute:
  7. Jaxson

    Forces struggling to recruit...

    I was charged for assault close to 4 years ago, so im assuming that's an in country check, I call every 2 weeks (actually worried i might be annoying them), all i ever get told is that they have heard nothing, and that these things can sometimes take a long time and theres nothing i (or they)...
  8. Jaxson

    Forces struggling to recruit...

    I myself, have now been waiting 10 months, going on 11, for just my criminal record check (fingerprints) to come back, and then ill have to wait longer to see how that turns out, although i am slightly discouraged that its taken this long, since i was given a timeline of 4-8months, it doesn't...
  9. Jaxson

    Knee Injuries and Quick Processing

    Can i ask what trade your joining? i mean it sounds like your knees are in rather poor shape, and with a shattered arm, geez man, but i guess if you can do the work, all the power to you for giving your best, goodluck.  :salute:
  10. Jaxson

    I got an interview

    Joining the army for the reason of liking weapons and stuff, and wanting the benefits, was never the right reason in the first place in my opinion.
  11. Jaxson

    Vision Questions Megathread, Categories, Problems etc.

    Don't you have to be able to rub your stomach in the opposite direction at the same time too?  ;D I'm sorry but you set that up.
  12. Jaxson

    In-Cockpit Video: Bird Strike

    Bet that birdy had a bad day.  >:D
  13. Jaxson


    if i was in your place, Id choose the Canadian army, for the simple reason, i live in this country and i am loyal to it, before any other.
  14. Jaxson

    For anyone who could use a good laugh....

    Oh my god, I had to stand up and walk away just so id stop laughing so i could come back and finish reading the thing, i haven't laughed that hard in a very long time, thanks for brining this post back, i definitely needed the laugh.
  15. Jaxson

    I can't get past level 3

    Took my comment of the above link out. The above link has been posted before.
  16. Jaxson

    BMQ Time of year/ and SQ

    I think winter would be the greatest time, very little if any bugs at all,  no mud which would make cleaning everything quite possibly alot easier, and personally, id rather get cold and warm myself up, instead of sweating my *** off and over heating. but at the same time, Ive never been in...
  17. Jaxson

    T-Shirt Folding Video to Help you out in BMQ

    Now that was cool.
  18. Jaxson

    Got tha infamous Call

    Congratulations and goodluck.
  19. Jaxson

    NDP whining

    Even pylons Need someone to pay attention to them  ;D
  20. Jaxson

    2.4 KM run?

    Why on earth would you want to avoid slopes?. Running uphill/downhill gives you the oppurtunity to ease up in and gain a little bit on energy back when going down hill and forces you to really make yourself push forward when going up the last hill.