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  1. Ayrsayle

    Rocky SV2 boots

    Picked up mine here: https://www.herooutdoors.com/searchresults?search_query=s2v Meets requirements for the under $340 limit before taxes.
  2. Ayrsayle

    Questions for a possible future infantry officer wife

    Military careers (and day to day military) are different for each member, which is why it is really difficult to pin down exactly what to expect.  I think everyone has given a good summary of possibilities but to some extent you'll need to come to terms with the fact some of it is never really...
  3. Ayrsayle

    Questions about joining the Reserves

    Answers in italics below.  Most of these answers can be found in detail even looking in this thread, but I'll cover the questions in general.  Feel free to send me a PM if you were unable to find more detailed answers.
  4. Ayrsayle

    Medical diagnosis difficulties while serving

    I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you are trying to ask/state in this post - are you saying you are already in with ADHD and on a PCAT? or that you had issues getting in at all? Are you able to clear up what you are saying - what you've written is not very coherent.
  5. Ayrsayle

    Training dates for recruiter course in Valcartier?

    If you are referring to the PRes course being run, I'm tracking the dates being the 11-22 of Sep.
  6. Ayrsayle

    Questions about joining the Reserves

    www.forces.ca should answer a good number of these questions - or taking a look at any number of topics in recruiting on this thread. To answer some that might be harder to find: - Your vision will be evaluated during your application process. This may prevent you from a specific (or any) trade...
  7. Ayrsayle

    Packing for Basic [MERGED]

    Much like what BeyondtheNow already noted, it is likely in your best interest not to bring along stuff that draws attention.  Remember, you're going on a Basic course to (in some ways) learn how to turn off the "I'm an individualist!" to "I'm part of a team, working toward bigger goals".  At a...
  8. Ayrsayle

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    That is the case (to my understanding) for Reg F members (and was for me, a number of years ago).  Take a look at CFAO 49-10 regarding Rank following Enrollment (For the PRes), Appendix 3, Annex A (Specifically regarding the 2Lt Rank - promotion requirement). They specifically outline: An...
  9. Ayrsayle

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    Side Tangent - This actually came up fairly recently in my Unit and is also incorrect.  The CO (for a Reserve DEO) is able to promote directly to 2Lt, but is by no means obligated to do so.  Most do for a variety of reasons (retention, etc), but it is not obligatory.
  10. Ayrsayle

    Choice of Reg Force Infantry regiment ( merged )

    One of the big adjustments you will make (or be forced to get used to) is the fact that your preference is only one part of the decision process - something that will be part of the rest of your military career. The best explanation I have heard about where you end up was something about...
  11. Ayrsayle

    Joining The Infantry

    Neither - or both, depending on how you look at it.  Depends on what you want to do in CANSOFCOM. More importantly, all trades are welcome to apply for selection - and there are many trades /occupations which are part of both organizations doing a variety of roles which have little to do with...
  12. Ayrsayle

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    For clarity, the pass rate for DP 1.1 (Commonly known as Phase 3, or Dismounted Platoon Commander Course) usually hovers around a 50% failure rate, though I've been told it has gotten a little better since I attended.  It remains a very demanding course.  Failure rates for the other courses...
  13. Ayrsayle

    Expedited Reserve Enrollment (ERE) process [Merged]

    My understanding of the medical 2 process is that it can either be completed by Medical staff in location or at a later date when you are able / the system is able to prior to starting training. in short, the successful screening that occurs in the questionnaire is enough to be enrolled, but...
  14. Ayrsayle

    Packing for Basic [MERGED]

    You will not need much during your stay that you will not be able to get from the CANEX.  A few sets of clothing to wear until you are issued a uniform (and the rare times you will have "free time"), A good pair of running shoes (mandatory), and a the hygiene items noted on your list is pretty...
  15. Ayrsayle

    BMOQ Regular Force 2014 - 2017 [Merged]

    At CFLRS, not much - you'll pass each other in the halls but your lives will be mostly centered around your respective training platoons and the staff.  As you move on with training you may or may not have more exposure - depending on your profession. There are a couple of reasons for it - the...
  16. Ayrsayle

    Thank you for your service

    I've used the "Since you pay my salary, I'm buying this round" justification on occasion when insisting on paying.  Actually haven't heard that one directly to my face, but I suspect the sentiment is still around....
  17. Ayrsayle

    Release from Reserves

    Agree with you with regards to Class B Pay (if they are doing jobs in a Full time manner as the Reg Force, they should be getting paid the same).  I think the pay should be the same, but eligibility for PLD should not regardless of the move (as taking the contract what a choice, rather then a...
  18. Ayrsayle

    Just a question

    Mariomike has the answer - If you are still not healed to a point where you can complete the training, you should go to the MIR.  This may mean you are unable to meet the training requirements and get RTUed however - but a genuine injury that will only get worse is something that should be taken...
  19. Ayrsayle

    Thank you for your service

    On a personal level, it does make me feel uncomfortable when it happens.  I rationalize that I'm not likely being directly thanked, but that someone is in appreciating the service the military provides.  I'd thank a great number of people in uniform for their service, just feels odd to be...
  20. Ayrsayle

    Release after CTing from Pres to Reg Force

    At the risk of having some strong reactions: -A member who doesn't want to do his/her job anymore is not likely providing much of a service to the CAF - Keeping them in that job will get a lackluster return at best. -A member who has signed on the line should be obligated to complete his TOS...