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  1. mrcheevus

    Reserve Armour Officer, 2015, at 40!

    Wow, can't believe I made it! This process sure isn't for the disinterested.  I thought I'd tell my story in case there's others out there like me. So, the end of January, I get a postcard in the mail.  Reserve unit looking for recruits.  Up until this point in my life, I had thought almost...
  2. mrcheevus

    Armour Corps? Or Infantry?

    They will train you in the operation and maintenance of your "mount". But AFAIK they don't require prior mechanical knowledge/ training. I just was sworn in as an Armour Officer, but I looked hard at Armour Crewman first.
  3. mrcheevus

    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    I a really liking the Dollar Shave Club's 4 blader.  And the price is right - they mail me 4 new blades a month for $6.50 CDN! Good tips on shaving cream. 
  4. mrcheevus

    BMOQ - Reserve ( merged )

    I am just waiting on my swearing in for Reserve BMOQ, and my CO sent me an outline of training options.  I am joining the SALH A Squad (Recce).  This is what I have been told: BMQ is 4 weeks and it's for enlisted and officers.  There was one in Comox this month, and one in Wainwright in June...