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    PTSD and Fibromyalgia Connection

    Turns out I had an undiagnosed MCL injury, that was the main culprit for all the other symptoms, the extreme fatigue, stress-pain, sleeplessness from pain (then messing up the ptsd), etc.  I had to wait a year to get x-rays and MRI-- the MRI confirmed the injury.  I kept getting "well it's...
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    MISSING PERSON: Ex CF Mbr lost in NSW Australia

    I don't know Prahb or his family personally, but I've been following the story with concern.  I was hoping for better news.  I can see there's been a lot of effort, and many challenges.
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    Anyone know and good PTSD shrinks in Ottawa?

    Nemo, Your inbox is full. A couple of places you can try that can provide referrals: If it's ptsd-primary dx, flashbacks/dissociation, can try the Sidran Institute's 'help desk', they have an extensive data-base, including recommendations for Ottawa area...
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    Antibiotics to cure some types of back pain

    Some of the symptoms can overlap common injuries from military service, among other things: http://canlyme.com/lyme-basics/symptoms/ E.g. hearing problems/tinnitus; damage to joints; other symptoms that could be attributable to, and/or secondary to OSI-type injuries/presentations, etc. We...
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    Leave Policy – Annual (time off, after hours, ect...) [Merged]

    That was beyond my imagination, good point to connect the two re: effects of "decade of darkness".  I've been on the "lefty-learning curve" (I'm less partisan now  ;)), but as I learn more from that time period, I feel some restitution is due and I hope generally, re: scaling back, the right...
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    Leave Policy – Annual (time off, after hours, ect...) [Merged]

    Reflecting from a civillian perspective. . . Concerns I would have would be the degree of unaccounted work hours, and especially in situations where that has become the status quo.  Are these hidden hours of work documented somehow, in lieu of people getting paid for the extra-hours they put...
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    PTSD and Fibromyalgia Connection

    What's freaky is that a relatively common injury, e.g. a foot-sprain (maybe prior injuries there, but a "final straw" injury), can cause sudden-onset osteoarthritis and that can activate fibromyalgia, additional chronic dis-ease conditions.  I'm screwed, my situation (relevant, only perhaps...
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    PTSD and Fibromyalgia Connection

    Interesting Study (though old. . .2004) http://www.webmd.com/fibromyalgia/news/20040610/posttraumatic-stress-fibromyalgia-linked Posttraumatic Stress, Fibromyalgia Linked Chronic Pain Condition Seen in Half of Veterans With PTSD
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    No federal support for care of decorated veteran

    Wow, great link re: Col. Russell with the 427 Squadron :salute: An Update, some good news: Veteran can remain at hospital after public outcry http://london.ctvnews.ca/veteran-can-remain-at-hospital-after-public-outcry-1.1138180#ixzz2JbV1TEyb :yellow: :cdn:
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    A Psychological research for Canadian Force

    Really interesting. . .  Yes, that video I cited seemed to address more re: fight response, anger, but definitely there is more.  The video can be dated, specific to training re: Vietnam; whereas in CF training, the professionalism built into it and the per operation theatre, would be different...
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    PTSD and Chronic Pain Connection?

    I'm in the civilian medical care system.  Got some NSAIDs (naproxen) and sent home.  A year wait for specialist.  A year wait for physio (my knee gave out, and I have to walk with a cane, but I can cycle and swim), so I'll keep up with these exercises they gave me-- swimming helps upper back...
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    A Psychological research for Canadian Force

    Woops, fixed that. . . I know a few people who've found those lectures helpful, a working perspective/context on what's been going on with them (helps reduce anxiety when starting to have a clue about what's going on and what can be done to cope with it); what's happened to them re...
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    A Psychological research for Canadian Force

    There's an interesting lecture series that looks at that very topic, it's called, "You're Not In The Forces Now", by an Aussie, Viet Nam Veteran.  Psychological concepts are apparent re: "classical" and "operant conditioning" by training and indoctrination, and he is saying the same thing, re...
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    Barrie residents head home as bomb sweep ends

    This is wild. . . Barrie residents head home as bomb sweep ends http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/story/2012/07/19/barrie-home-bunker-sweep329.html?cmp=rss
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    Mental health crisis at CFB Petawawa- Ottawa Citizen

    I'm angry that they didn't prepare for this.  I suspected it would be a problem, re: doc shortages in the province of Ontario, and lack of training re: OSIs; further insult are the cutbacks.  >:( I attended a Standing Committee on Veteran Affairs, some things I'd heard about them were confirmed...
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    Privacy breach at Veterans Affairs

    "Review: 'no malice' in vets privacy scandal" http://metronews.ca/news/canada/239526/review-no-malice-in-vets-privacy-scandal/  
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    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    If anyone is in the Ottawa area tomorrow, I notice that Dennis Manuge will be attending Question Period, House of Commons, 13:00hrs. http://canadianveteransadvocacy.com/Board2/index.php?board=87.0 I sincerely hope the Federal Government cease and desist on pursuing appeal of the Federal Court...
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    Putin Assassination Plot

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    The Great Gun Control Debate

    It's not really "cause", it's "suspicion"-- duty to report "suspicion" (that's written into the law, so it is vague, subjective) and yes, that is problematic-- a core issue re: a lot of legislation on the table, "suspicion breeds confidence" (--"not", likewise what Bill C-30 can unleash).  We...
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    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Re: the Story about the Child's Pictures, guns, fire When it comes to teachers, social workers, there is law binding them to a higher "duty to report" and there can be legal consequences for failure to report. ...