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    Another RMC potential thread

    RMC just "approved me for the competition list", I still need to undergo further testing for my trade but they will supposedly take me. I have an 87% average amongst 4 courses and am finishing up 2 more which I provided proof of. I personally have really good work and leadership history and...
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    Air Factor appeal

    Hey did you have any luck? Hope things worked out
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    Rotp application submitted. How long wait?

    Oh interesting thanks. Didn't know that selected trade by trade. Makes sense, pilot for example. Send them all to Aircrew at once
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    Rotp application submitted. How long wait?

    I have written the cfat and qualified for trade of choice. 1 week ago I submitted my ROTP application to RMC, anyone know about how long this takes to hear back? Also I only have 4 subjects with an 87 average, but noted I am currently enrolled and finishing up two more. Should that be okay? Thanks
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    What month did you write aircrew selection?

    Question for pilots. I am getting lasik June 1st, but can't go for aircrew selection until 6 months post procedure. That puts me at December 1st. Is that still enough time to complete everything? I am already done cfat
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    ROTP HS Marks

    It's says for ROTP they take your best 6 marks from grade 12, what if I only took 4? Chemistry, English, Math and Social. Like who takes 6 courses in grade 12 lol
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    Deadline for ROTP Pilot

    Hello, I passed CFAT for Pilot, and am applying ROTP. My marks from HS need to be upgraded before I can progress though, and I've been working on that. The last course I'll be taking ends start of December 2023, it's say the Aircrew ROTP application deadline is Dec 31st. Is that pushing it? I'll...
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    Can I be accepted as Pilot then pay for my own school?

    Can you apply DEO as pilot on the terms that after being accepted you'll go get your own degree? That way you have choice of what school you'd like to go to and such? I've passed CFAT for pilot, have to do aircrew still but just curious. Thanks! :)
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    I dislike RMC

    Do you get any say ultimately?
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    RMC Questionaire, Tips?

    Thanks! I'm also applying to civi to better my chances, I know that's not issue. Hopefully the same for RMC, I'll reach out to them to make sure! Also, would they ever hold your old marks against you?? Or just look at the new ones? Worried it'll negatively effect me having not so good old marks...
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    ROTP HS Marks

    Okay thankyou, how do I get in contact with RMC admissions?
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    RMC Questionaire, Tips?

    I just passed CFAT for Pilot, I'm upgrading my HS courses right now before going for the CFAST. Do you know if RMC accepts HS equivalency courses? I'm from Alberta, SAIT college here offers an upgrading program, their courses aren't Alberta Ed courses but are equivalent and are recognized by...
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    Fighter pilot requirement ( Bachelor degree)

    What degree do you need if you wanted to be a test pilot?
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    ROTP HS Marks

    I just passed the CFAT for Pilot last month, I'm applying ROTP. However they they told me my marks were not good enough in HS (I already knew this going in), I started upgrading a while back amd they told me to finish that before going for aircrew selection. Here's my concern, I live in...