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    IR Postings [Merged]

    Check out CBI 208.997. What you are describing would fall under the definition of private accommodation rather than non-commercial accommodation. Reimbursement is limited to "the monthly charge under paragraph (1) of article 208.50 (Deductions for the Provision of Single Quarters and Covered...
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    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    Not for the new location, though you continue to collect it at the old location (if it is a PLD area). Also, from a tax perspective, CRA deems you to be a resident of the province where you have most residential ties, so if your home and your family are in the old province, and you're renting an...
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    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    Best to check with the base you're going to.  997(7) says quarters if they are available, though I don't see how they can obligate you live without cooking facilities as they are not contributing a cent toward your food bill. 997.9 - Non-Commercial Accommodations - does include utilities and...
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    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    Read CBI 208.997  http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/about-policies-standards-benefits-relocation/ch-208-relocation-benefits.page Basically, rent up to a maximum which varies by city, parking costs up to $100, and the connection charges (but not the monthly cost) of cable / internet. Oh, and LTA once...