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  1. J

    why was the navy so secretive

    So the Canadian armed forces just put off a training operation called CUTLASS FURY and some of the ships involved were stationed in st.johns harbor. And i noticed that two american ships were away from all the others,we went over to get a better view and a US military police and US navy men were...
  2. J

    would a modern devils brigade be possible?

    Im guessing this is posted in the right spot but i was wondering if a modern day devils brigade(first special service force) would be possible? i have been reading about the history of them and they were bad *** but im wondering if it would be possible today for Canada and the us or any other...
  3. J

    Will a Past Concussion Keep Me Out?

    Hi,I have a strong interest of joining the armed forces but I read online that people with head traumas can't join?could anyone verify because when I was 14 I fell of dirt bike and received a concussion.im not sure how serious but I did have memory loss of that day but not effects...
  4. J

    Nuclear engineering and armed forces?

    Thanks for the info! I've done research since I originally posted this and the only thing I found that was similar was the CJIRU...... But there special forces so that's a bit more training
  5. J

    Question about age & joining

    I'm not sure if this should be in recruiting or not but I'm 15 about to be 16 and I have strong interest in joining the reserves and later on the army. Does anyone know if because of my age I would be ineligible for some of the training/courses. Also when would I be able to complete BMQ without...
  6. J

    Nuclear engineering and armed forces?

    Hi I have a 2 more years of high school left and I'm interested in nuclear engineering and joining the armed forces.is there any job that has any relation/or benefits associated with having knowledge in nuclear engineering.It can be any branch army,Air Force,navy,special forces