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    Comm Research

    Coastal positions aren't long for this world.  Soon it'll be Kingston (21EW/CFSCE), Ottawa (Leitrim/CJOC,etc), OUTCAN, a handful in Winnipeg.
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    Comm Research

    You don't have to accept the offer.  It's a fine trade, and spec pay is great, but it's still your choice. Don't get too excited about the classification thing.  Despite what a recruiter may tell you, you won't be James Bond.  291ers deal with the intercept and analysis of foreign...
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    PERs : All issues questions...2018-current

    I downloaded the latest CFPAS and help files, but I'm missing the opt out option within PERX. Do I have to sacrifice a private first? EDIT: It was the updated MOS files that I was missing, which CFPAS won't download since I don't have access to the Intranet.  I'm not sure how that was ever...