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    UOR new equipment

    Not unique to government bureaucracies. Many large organizations in industry believe leadership skills will mitigate lack of direct knowledge and experience in respect of the function being led.
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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    It probably helped that procurement is part of the $38.6 billion plan to modernize NORAD announced in June 2022 ... maybe an easier sell in cabinet than fightie things (?)...
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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    BC is a special case with respect to land acknowledgements because there are no treaties in place currently in the mainland, unlike Alberta and most of the rest of Canada.
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    Replacing the Subs

    Is most of Canada's coastline actually worth defending though? Well, there are 7 SLowpoke2 reactors operating in Canada right now (including one at RMC Canada) so its not impossible to imagine they could be accepted for military use. SLOWPOKE Nuclear Reactors in Canada
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Its much easier to move quickly when there aren't reams of existing procedures and forms with approvals to work through. No applicable bureacracy, no problem to move quickly.
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Curious civvie ... any chance the CAF leadership overstates its effective capabilities to the political leadership or do you think the PMO knows the true state of our forces??
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    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    Interesting to read that the second JSS is under initial construction as well ... good to read. Thanks for sharing the article!
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    Raytheon launches Stinger missile from Javelin launcher

    Isn't the (or maybe just one of) the fundamental problems that CAF have allowed "niche" capabilities to degrade because political/DND leadership only planned to fight as part of a coalition force where more capable partners (cough, USA) would provide the niceties like AAW? Is there clear...
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    Steel cutting on new Navy tugs

    Anyone know if this timeline is still on track? The steel cutting for the first tug began in September 2020, with formal construction following in November 2020. The first two tugs are expected to be launched in April 2022 and June 2022, respectively, with first deliveries expected by the...