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    High risk sports and recreational activities

    Thanks for the heads up! BASE jumping is not illegal though. Try googling things like bridge day, Perrine bridge, MOAB. There are plenty of places that permit us to parachute off of. Not everyone trespasses to enter a building or climb an antenna. Thanks for jumping to conclusions!
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    High risk sports and recreational activities

    I BASE jump and no one cares.. We get paid to mountaineer and skydive, the CF is pretty accepting to high risk activities..
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    Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) - Canadian Special Forces

    I'd say closer to a 80% success rate..
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    CSOR and JTF2 Physical Fitness tests - what they are, minimum standard, etc

    From the supported. Either feet under a bar or someone holding your feet. Depends where you do the test.
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    64 Pattern Ruck with Valise (CADPAT) - SALE PENDING

    ********* SOLD *********
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    64 Pattern Ruck with Valise (CADPAT) - SALE PENDING

    **** SALE PENDING **** I have a 64 Pattern Ruck that has been sitting in my closet for the last 3 years. It was only ever used for some occasional training and an Ironman. Included is: 64 Pattern Frame Wheeler ValiceĀ  - http://www.cpgear.com/StoreBox/bnc/3019_0.htm 64 PackĀ  -...
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    Joining CSOR early

    Before you start filling out your application you submit your "Intent to Apply" from the CSOR website. This allows CSOR's recruiters to track who's in the process of applying. If your application is being held up for some non-valid reason (IE.. just sitting on a desk) they should be able to...
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    CBRN Operator//CJIRU

    There isn't a selection for CJIRU. There is a selection to become a CBRN Operator, Which is a trade that you can only be in if you pass their selection and training course. If you are a CBRN operator you will be employed within CANSOFCOM (CJIRU). FYI.. Infantry does not equal CSOR. Any trade...
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    CBRN Operator//CJIRU

    Don't forget there's that little thing called selection you must attend.
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    Rucksacks weight limit.

    It will hold what ever you can fit in it. Easily over 100lbs. The only things I have seen break on them is the plastic buckles. The zippers on the side pouches are kinda flimsy too. Other than that it's a decent ruck.
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    23 Jul 10: CF-18 Crash @ Lethbridge Airport

    He owe's his rigger beer for that.
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    Military Experience Specifics(ROTP)

    Actually its 2 years from when you joined. Most NCM's are trade qualified by that time.. ROTP would be once your *done your* program. edit **
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    LOWA Urban Desert MPS boots?

    I can't comment on that specific model, but for LOWA's I currently have the Mountain boot GTX, Renegades and Zephyr Desert boots. They are all top quality boots, haven't had anything fall apart on any of them and I've put them all through some good wear and tear. The Zephyr Deserts are good in...
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    CSOR and mosid

    Just keep in mind that you will still most likely do signals related stuff, even as an operator. Since signals is a specialty (or a curse) you will still be relied on for lots of radio stuff.. especially carrying it.
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    "Jimmies" What do the Signals do?

    Just remember that the Sig Op trade is red.. Im not 100% on how the reserves operate but in the regs you would have a hard time getting out of the sig trade if you decided its not what you wanted. Just be aware that if its the combat side that interests you, you will have a long road ahead...
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    "Jimmies" What do the Signals do?

    Yup, although don't count on it right away. Even getting posted to a battalion you will most likely end up in their CP at first. Usually the best position you will get is a Company sig following the OC around. They usually make infanteers Pl sigs. So if you want to be "infantry with a radio"...
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    "Jimmies" What do the Signals do?

    I can only speak for a Sig Op. But on average, you are an answering machine. You will sit in a CP and do shifts on the radio taking and relaying messages. In between you can sweep and make coffee. You might even find yourself setting up mod tent/cleaning mod tent/unpacking mod tent just to pack...
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    All Things Socks (merged)

    Icebreaker Merino wool socks. Mostly the Hiker Lite/Medium Cushion. They're expensive but well worth it.
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    Water Jump

    Water jumps are fun for a change. Especially when its the army's gear ;D No depth perception over the water though, wouldn't wanna cut away until your toes hit the water.