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  1. Cpl.Banks

    Battle for Wanat [Merged]

    RIP troops
  2. Cpl.Banks

    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    I just graduated BOTC!! ;D Been home for less than a few hours, no more Mega
  3. Cpl.Banks

    University of Ottawa Paper Fulcrum Boycotts National Defence Advertisements

    Carefull who you insult sir, I attend U of O and as it just so happens I am regular force officer going through ROTP . The atmosphere on campus is generally pro-Canadian Forces; the people who voted to boycott DND did so in a legitmate forum, not some kangaroo court. Therefore as much as I...
  4. Cpl.Banks

    black hatter reunion in Ottawa on the 6th of october

    Hello gents, I'm OCdt. Banks and I'm aspiring armoured officer, was wondering if it was at all possible that I could pop in and maybe soak up some of the experience. To be entirely honnest I don't know all that much about about my future trade and hopefully I would be able to learn a bit more...
  5. Cpl.Banks

    Une lettre ouverte aux militaires de Valcartier ...

    Evildef, meme si je ne suis pas du tout d'accord avec tes motifs et tes opinions par rapport au sujet de l'Afghanistan et ta loyaute au Canada vous etes officer dans les FC. En effet les forces Canadiennes ont comme devoir de defendre et promouvoir les interets du Canada. Meme si on se bat dans...
  6. Cpl.Banks

    Une lettre ouverte aux militaires de Valcartier ...

    Je suis franchement degouté par un tel attitude, change ton métier mon ami. Si vous n'est pas loyal envers le Canada pourquoi est-que vous portez l'uniform?
  7. Cpl.Banks

    IAP July 2007 St Jean

    1. Ottawa, Ont 2. Army Cadets 3. Armoured Officer 4. 17 5. Read and Re Read the instructions  >:D 6. Most likely taking the bus there 7. Have yet to meet my ULO I've just got a quick question, I was under the impression that kit is going to be issued at St-Jean. Is the kit that you were...
  8. Cpl.Banks

    The Children are our future

    To be entirely honnest I'm not at all surprised by this. In my school and more specifically my class there is no respect for the national anthem/ this country. A good deal of people I know say things are better where they came from etc... It's frustrating and in fact the teachers in general...
  9. Cpl.Banks

    Canada's purchase of the Leopard 2 MBT

    So are all three reg force regiments going to get the new Leo's 2's? How big is a tank squadron generally speaking? Otherwise who will be holding on to the C2's? Dave
  10. Cpl.Banks

    IAP/BOTC combined course...?

    Ill be heading to IAP this summer as well, 2nd of July to the 31st of august, What trades are you guys going into? I'm going in as an armoured officer!  :D Looking forward to the course! Dave
  11. Cpl.Banks

    ROTP offers.....

    I'll be heading to IAP this July as well...coincidently I will also be attending Ottawa U! See you all there! Dave
  12. Cpl.Banks

    ROTP offers.....

    I got my offer last tuesday, heading to IAP on the 2nd of July. Going in as an armoured officer! Should be good times. I got a phone call from the career manager from CFRC Ottawa. Dave
  13. Cpl.Banks

    Canadian soldier’s legacy lives on Afghani babies helped by generosity of Sooke

    Thanks for the great story! Never hear enough about all the good we're doing. I have a little peeve though. "Afghani" is the currency not the name of the Afghan people, it would be an Afghan baby! You would think that after 5 years they the media would have understood. Nationality noun:Afghan(s)...
  14. Cpl.Banks

    Just got called!!

    Thank you, like I said in my first post ill be using the search function allot more for a few days  ;). Dave
  15. Cpl.Banks

    Just got called!!

    Thanks, I was under the impression that ROTP was reserved entirely for civilian university. Sorry for the confusion. Dave
  16. Cpl.Banks

    Just got called!!

    Correct, although my first choice is ROTP hence why I said ROTP instead of RMC, but ill defiantly take RMC  ;D. Thanks for the correction. Dave
  17. Cpl.Banks

    Just got called!!

    So I got the call today, I dropped off my ROTP papers less than a week ago and I have already heard back from them! Im heading out to do my CFAT, Medical & Interview on the 29th of January 07'. Im really very excited I have been waiting a long time to do this. As primary MOC I put Infantry (1)...
  18. Cpl.Banks

    how meany of Cadets/CF have been disrespected

    OK, first off welcome to the forum  :). Now to have your comments taken seriously please use the spell check function, it is VERY easy to use and it will help increase your credibility. UBIQUE!!!!