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  1. Trueprince2

    Sewing in BMQ

    from what i saw at bmq all the sewing is first 4 of last name and service number thats what we were told to sew on, and the sewing all depending on ur staff really means nothing most of it fall off cause everyones awful at sewing, for kit return they told us to remove all the labels we sewed on...
  2. Trueprince2

    BMQ 2018 - Regular Force

    bmq has a 5km ruck march in week 3-4  and an 8km ruck march in week 6, aswell in Normandy week 9 you do the march and shoot which is 3.8k to the range than 3.8k back. just finished bmq last week and this is how all the platoons have scheduled 
  3. Trueprince2

    BMQ 2018 - Regular Force

    does anyone know if the aug 13th bmq has a facebook group?
  4. Trueprince2

    Just Wanted to Say Hello

    hello, nice too meet you, best of luck with your application process
  5. Trueprince2

    Got my offer

    the wait is over guys, today is a great day hope to see plenty of you guys at BMQ
  6. Trueprince2

    Van attack in Toronto [Merged]

    CTV News has confirmed that Yonge Street attack suspect Alek Minassian was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces from Aug. 23, 2017 until October 25, 2017. Minassian did not complete his recruit training and requested to be voluntarily released after 16 days of recruit training. Source cp24
  7. Trueprince2

    Van attack in Toronto [Merged]

    9 confirmed dead 16 in hospital and 10 in critical condition, this is also right by the toronto recruiting office. my prayers go out to everyone in the area
  8. Trueprince2

    Is the CAF actively hiring ? (In Demand)

    The new fy just started so there is open spots in a lot of positions
  9. Trueprince2

    Military Swim Test - When, Where, and How- Merged

    there is a swimming portion of bmq where you swim with your sack and rifle
  10. Trueprince2

    Help with site

    I'm not too sure for the photos, but in most cases when you post something it has already been talked about, so the staff members will merge your topic with an existing one, you can go on your profile and click posts, that will show you all your post that you've made and where they've went
  11. Trueprince2

    BMOQ 2019 - Regular Force

    congratz man glad you got it !
  12. Trueprince2

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    after my cfat i had to talk to a recruiter and they told me the percentile i got and talk a little about your trade options
  13. Trueprince2

    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Also do they always call your references or is it a by case
  14. Trueprince2

    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hey buck, From the date your medical is approved and you are declared fit for duty so u know roughly how long from that date you should expect to be on the competition list
  15. Trueprince2

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    That 5 year comment is a scary one, hopefully it isnt that long but thank you for the information!
  16. Trueprince2

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Is their any problems or anything I have to do if i want to go on a 2-4 week vacation while waiting on the competition list?
  17. Trueprince2

    Waiting Game

    Glad im not the only one refreshing my inbox more than ever
  18. Trueprince2

    When does my application expire to put in a new one?

    you should contacting the recruiting center about this, you might be able to apply for the reserves without anything expiring, all i know is cfat doesnt expire only your medical and interview expire after a year if im not mistaken
  19. Trueprince2

    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hello buck, I am wondering what is the next BMQ that isn't full as of today's day?
  20. Trueprince2

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Do I get informed when I'm on the merit list or do I have to keep going in to check on the process