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  1. jmlz87

    Zero Pilots Being Hired in 2009?

    Pilot's (2Lts) are usually attach-posted back home while awaiting training and quite a few go back to the CFRC where they enrolled out of. They're being gainfully employed, have dedicated time for their study pkgs and flight-time. Once and a while a course msg will come on and they'll be on...
  2. jmlz87

    BMQ in St.Jean

    I'm going to agree with CDN Aviator and MAMS_933 on this one. There is hardly enough time for extra-curricular activities while on BMQ and you don't want to risk injuring yourself. When you get trades-qualified there is ample opportunity to join the local sports clubs and play as much hockey as...
  3. jmlz87

    The "Wanting To Join Another Military" Thread- Them To Us- Us To Them

    For a very short while we were accepting applications from Permanent Residents. As of now, that has been repealed and no longer true. At this point in time, you must have citizenship to even apply.
  4. jmlz87

    How long did you give it some thought before enlisting?

    Joining the Canadian Forces has always been a dream for me, ever since I was 8 years old. I've had only one member of my extended family serve but he sure accomplished a lot. 7 tours and 18 years later he's now out with a MR. The real thing that drew me to the Forces was "Serving with Canada's...
  5. jmlz87

    Tips to make your application process that much easier...

    LordVagabond: If you are req to submit fingerprints, (x2 copies) those are not handled locally by the CFRC. Instead, they are sent out to Ottawa for analysis and have a lenghtly turn around time. Your CNRC hits can only be verified by actual fingerprint analysis to prove it was you who is...
  6. jmlz87

    File transfer between CFRCs

    I know this was posted below previously but I want to really make a point at this for future searches referencing this question. ***If you move period, make sure you inform the CFRC of your new mailing address, e-mail and contact phone number*** You wouldn't want to have your File Manager give...
  7. jmlz87

    failing the pt test for the reserves

    To add to the below, if you fail a second time, you will be counselled by an MCC, and when you are told you can rebook for your 3rd attempt, you will have to pay for it.
  8. jmlz87

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Our ph system has changed a few times over since the move. And so have the staff. If you get the front desk, they should be able to re-direct your phone call to where it needs to go. If you get to a voicemail just leave your last name clearly, preferably a reference number, a phone back number...
  9. jmlz87

    If I don't get into ROTP.. options...

    The acceptance ltrs this year for ROTP had no mention of the actual trade they were going but merely, Land/Sea/Air Ops, Land/Sea/Air Support, as well as Speciality* (MPO, HCA etc.) Can't comment on the older days how this worked, but they all go to RMC/CiviU first, get their BMOQ done meanwhile...
  10. jmlz87

    Previous drug use question 2002 - 2018 [Merged]

    Just to add my 2 bits here, I was counselled out for NPD use in 2005. I was told to come back in 6 months completely clean of any NPD use. The MCCs want to see you are serious about this decesion you are making and how dedicated and loyal you are, to serve in the Canadian Forces. I ended up...
  11. jmlz87

    Application after a voluntary withdrawal

    Your file even though it was closed, is kept for a period of 3 years commencing from date of closure. When you reapply either in person or E-Recruiting, just mention you have a previous file, and they will marry your old file to your new one. If you've send in core docs like photo ID, birt...
  12. jmlz87

    Communicator Research

    Agreed with below. You don't need SQ prior to Phase 1, but it's more than beneficial. Remember after Ph1, go do French language training if it's offered!
  13. jmlz87

    failing the pt test for the reserves

    AFAIK, if you fail your PT test, the CFRC wants to see you've made an improvement to improve your physical fitness level before granting you a second attempt, which can be two weeks to a month away from the original. If you fail your second attempt, more than likely you're going to have to...
  14. jmlz87

    If I don't get into ROTP.. options...

    Beurling AFAIK, the selection boards for ROTP 09 have met and are finished. With that being said, you can pursue the CEOTP program instead. Also if you want to stick out for ROTP, you're signing up for either RMC Kingston, RMC St-Jean, or Civi University. You are also alotted into a group of...
  15. jmlz87

    Comm Research

    Hey 291'ers, is there posting avail on the West Coast at all? Someone told me they might have a few in Esquimalt. Just wanted to check this out.
  16. jmlz87

    Tips to make your application process that much easier...

    Tips to make your application process that much easier...(Current to 01 Apr 09) Each file is unique in it's own way, and has different hurdles to pass to get to the end goal. One thing we ask is please do not call in to query your file status often, but try every two weeks. At any given time 40...
  17. jmlz87

    Zero Pilots Being Hired in 2009?

    I will see whats up when I get into office tommorow. Right now I know we had 2 or more selected ROTP for Pilot. But the way things go we have to put Air Ops down on the acceptance letter.
  18. jmlz87

    Communicator Research

    Depends what happens. Where are you right now? The day after grad in St Jean I was shipped via van to CFB Borden and put on Post-Recruit Education and Training Centre (PRETC). I have heard rumors that CFB Kingston will be taking care of PAT platoon soon, but I don't know if this has become a...
  19. jmlz87

    Communicator Research

    Hey Olmstead, When you get to PRETC if they haven't set up a concurrent Math tutorial (for POET and Comm Rsch) session like they started when I was there, get a hold of the Math 1030 booklet, and practice. You are required to get at least 70% on the test to continue on (it's a PO check). Other...
  20. jmlz87

    Navy COMM RSH 291 SQ?

    FYI, After Ph1 of QL3 COMM RSCH 00120, all the Navy boys and gals were asked if they have completed SQ yet. Most said no, and instead of them going on EWAT they were course-loaded onto SQ. In short, yes regardless of your element (as it seems) for COMM RSCH you are required to have done and...