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    Future of FOO

    With the new technology always being invented, will forward observer’s job not be needed anymore? (I’m talking 10-20 years from now)
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    NCM with University degree

    I would like to be a NCM, but would also like to go to RMC. I am just wondering if that is possible, or if you have any other ideas please respond. Cheers, a Canadian
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    Helicopter Pilot

    Just something that I have never known. Do the helicopter pilots stay on base with Army or do they go with the Air force?
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    I have been doing research on the ROTP programme (maybe to be a pilot), and something that i did not understand came up; the article said you can join the ROTP programme at age 16. that confuses me. can you guys help me out? what happens if you are accepted? thanks, happy new year
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    Bell UH-1Y Venom vs Bell ch-146 griffon

    they both look the same, what are the technical differences? just want to know.