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  1. Wolfmann


    Anyone have a consolidated publication for Motto's in the CF or NATO...including tri-tervice? I'm specifically looking for Pathfinder/Recce motto(s).
  2. Wolfmann

    Naval High Collar White Tunic

    Where can I find a supplier for the high collar tunic? And can we wear the Brit pattern tunic, or does it have to be the Can/US pattern? If needbe could I call Borden or ASU London (I'm in Souther Western Ontario) and order one from supply there?
  3. Wolfmann

    American Psychologist Association allows assisting Interrogations

    Cnn - http://www.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/07/27/psychologists.torture.ap/index.html CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- The American Psychological Association is under fire from some of its members and other professionals for declaring that it is permissible for psychologists to assist in military...
  4. Wolfmann

    Weather - Afghanistan

    What was the weather like in Afghanistan? I'd appreciate the opinion of anyone that was over there in recent years, specifically in the southern part, Kandahar, and any areas where there were operations run.
  5. Wolfmann

    W0 Harrison Moon

    Use to be attached to 28 MP Platoon before they "amalgamated". I've contacted members of 2 MP Coy, but no one either has seen/heard from him or haven't gotten back to me. If you see him, tell him Super Dishman says Hi. I can be e-mailed through my profile.