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  1. quadrapiper

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    That size definitely has something going for it. Handy, manageable little ships. I've heard from various people who were around during the replacement process that the Orcas (successors to the YAGs) were originally meant to be more or less a steel YAG, versus the much more massive final result...
  2. quadrapiper

    A Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service

    Actually paying spies is cheating, French, or both, and regardless is the sort of thing you presumably have to do if you haven't infested the world with consuls, traders, factors, correspondents, expats, advisors, etc. all of whom to varying degrees write home. Nothing so beastly as spying. Re...
  3. quadrapiper

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Equally, don't we have enough miscellaneous names floating around in varying degrees of non-existence that, should you want to, you could just find a pre-existing name to match a new or shifted mission set, possibly even one with local place names in it? Or just stand up a new identity entirely...
  4. quadrapiper

    Remains found at Kamloops residential school 'not an isolated incident,' Indigenous experts and leaders warn

    Leaving the question of whether or not the First Nations would want this aside, are there any CAF assets which might be useful in this work?
  5. quadrapiper

    My CIC Application Odyssey

    Agreed re: the officer expectations side of things. I think some of the in-Branch grumbling about having to purchase cap badges is the alleged, theoretical, apparently never in stock existence of issue ones: the perception is of having to make up for a supply shortcoming right off the top...
  6. quadrapiper

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    Is/was there a USN design preference somewhere for that, related to escorts working with their amphibious groups, as an emergency recovery option or similar?
  7. quadrapiper

    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    Outsider question: are the jump companies less valuable now that CSOR exists?
  8. quadrapiper

    Remains found at Kamloops residential school 'not an isolated incident,' Indigenous experts and leaders warn

    Could see an extension of the reserve governments into surrounding Crown land as a good first move, with a "figure it out between yourselves" approach to boundaries between Indigenous jurisdictions. Look at it as analogous to the Canadian Rangers, but for land management. On a more blue-sky...
  9. quadrapiper

    Military's diversity, inclusion efforts plagued by shortcomings: internal review

    Wonder how much a sitting government could do to make future divestment awkward or impossible? Whether or not we're ever dealing with another WWI/II situation and suddenly pulling in thousands of e.g. Greater Vancouver residents, hanging on to land that was useful, in areas where getting land...
  10. quadrapiper

    Military's diversity, inclusion efforts plagued by shortcomings: internal review

    Would a broad improvement in IPCs (maybe with an upper band only available post certain training or other assessable milestones), or a tech/specialist vs. leadership split accommodate the reasonable desire to reward/retain people working above the pan-CAF baseline for Cpl-Sgt without encouraging...
  11. quadrapiper

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Would binning Regimental community (various species of Colonels, Senate/Association/Guard, etc.) input in career management and related evolutions help or hurt on a structural level?
  12. quadrapiper

    Survey on National Monument to Canada's Mission in Afghanistan

    Quite like the Daoust proposal as well, out of the available options: the stone openwork seems like a regional touch (not sure if used in Afghanistan specifically, though). Would also lend itself to adding statuary at some point. The PFS design seems likely to collect leaves, runoff, and trash...
  13. quadrapiper

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    Given the size of their fleet and budget, that makes Canada look amazingly squared away in some ways. No LCSs or Zumwalts, either.
  14. quadrapiper

    CANFORGEN 040/19 - Patches and T-shirts

    Been hanging around our southern neighbours a bit too long?
  15. quadrapiper

    USMC's Loss Army Gains

    I see the driver gets some sort of seat suspension. Wonder what the chassis' suspension travel's like, because those things will be driven like they're stolen. Can't see it helping the back and spine situation.
  16. quadrapiper

    CO-ED Accommodation

    Absolutely. Bet we'd be closer in a lot of ways if our southern neighbours were the Netherlands and Germany, rather than what we've got*. Would be interesting to see if there's ways, in the initial few years of training, to artificially achieve some of the same results, re: "de-gendering" fellow...
  17. quadrapiper

    CO-ED Accommodation

    Potentially, a replication of the Norwegian experience, if the cultural inputs were close enough for the same outcomes to occur.
  18. quadrapiper

    Camp/garrison routine

    Afternoon all! I'm putting together a ceremonial and traditions module for a senior cadet-focused course, but have had no luck finding anything that outlines camp or garrison routine. Looking primarily to contextualize the standard bugle and bagpipe calls in their original, routine usage...
  19. quadrapiper

    Dining Facility Blue's

    Comparing the three (and VENTURE galley - forgot that one!), no, it's still at the bottom: serviceable salad bar, and possible to get a healthy meal off the steam line, so still better than what's implied to be the pre-reform USA norm. Neck and neck with Nelles for hayboxes.
  20. quadrapiper

    Dining Facility Blue's

    The points being touted in the article as massive improvements seem very much like normal running, for quite some time, at Comox, the Wardroom, and Nelles. Wondering how much retraining they're having to do with their cooks?