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  1. medicineman

    A "Why" Dress Thread split from OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    Certainly few where I used to work...
  2. medicineman

    A "Why" Dress Thread split from OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    Need to get one or more of these...might come in useful when dealing with asshat consultants or certain clientele
  3. medicineman

    Wartime submarine 'HMS Urge' identified, quashing conspiracy theories of sub's secret mission

    The question could have easily been put to rest by analyzing the phrase "sunk by the Italian Air Force"...shortest book in the world:="Italian Victories of the World Wars".
  4. medicineman

    British Military Current Events

    Reading the books about the subject is even scarier - that company group were treated as pariahs for decades.
  5. medicineman

    COVID-19: Canadian military preparing to send ICU nurses, medics after Ontario’s request for help

    There would likely be some sort of Federal/Provincial waiver put in place, as I'm willing to bet they'd be using something along the line of a Critical Care Transport Team with ICU RN's, MD's and Med Techs for both Air or Ground movement. Communications these days would likely not be as bad as...
  6. medicineman

    COVID-19: Canadian military preparing to send ICU nurses, medics after Ontario’s request for help

    Depends which ones they use - the F350's are pretty decent, newer Bisons weren't bad when I showcased one in 2005...as for the LSVW, well they're LSVW's...
  7. medicineman

    Weed induced Panic Attack

    Yes, though you might be asked to provide supporting documentation.
  8. medicineman

    Ships Team Diver badge on Army DEU's?

    Used to be crabbing on the West coast until someone got caught...
  9. medicineman

    Help Require for Another Badge Identification (Possibly Medical Related)

    Medical Intelligence geeks from DGHS or whatever they are this week?
  10. medicineman

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Been listening to The Killers lately...
  11. medicineman

    Arctic Emphasis

    I'm guessing folks would pull pin if they got posted there if they were from places that were (a) generally warm, (b) not isolated?
  12. medicineman

    PPCLI Regimental Day

    Happy Regimental Day Troops!!
  13. medicineman

    Dress During Final Release Appt

    Same...but that were the regs were I was too. I was still habit as well mind you.
  14. medicineman

    Which Navy NCM Trade is Best?

    Given the folks I used to work with, I'm going to go with Clearance Diver.
  15. medicineman

    Red flag on application

    I have to say that the sh$t magnet that's followed me around most of my life was pretty active while I was working in the Recruiting system...was, ummm, interesting. Odd people, odder conditions...oddest were Mummies and Duddies of adult children mad I/the CAF wouldn't get said adult children...
  16. medicineman

    Red flag on application

    The questions asked are "Have you ever had or been told you had..." types of questions. Not up to you to decide "what's safe not to mention" or not. Answer them truthfully. Another red flag - lying, either flagrantly or by omission. If I had a dime for every time I cautioned someone...
  17. medicineman

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    The issue at hand here with this guy is stuff he did as a LCdr...and then likely continued as he went forward as he got let off those complaints - they tend to keep up with the nonsense because they got away with it and or they're protected. The other issue is the attitudes of a Commander...
  18. medicineman

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    He was CO REG when my wife was posted there...not surprised given some of the stuff she told me and I'd actually seen. Maybe she should give the investigator a call... 🍿