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  1. acen

    For Sale Ultimate Modern 64 Ruck

    For sale is my take on a modernized 64 ruck. All in excellent condition, very well taken care of. Tactical Tailor Malice Frame ($125 US) Tactical Tailor Low Profile Adjustable Super Straps ($129.75 US) Tactical Tailor Ergo Super Belt ($92.75 US) CP Gear Gen 4 CADPAT Ruck and Pack Liner ($230)...
  2. acen

    The stuff the Army issues is Excellent!

    EITS, you can purchase just the leather to retrofit the newer style plunger cap, http://www.canadiantire.ca/en//pdp/coleman-replacement-pump-cup-back-up-plate-0762335p.html or product number #076-2335-2 at Canadian Tire. I bring these sets out to the field with me to retrofit my section's stove...
  3. acen

    2 Family Names : Can I have only one on my name tags ?

    I've seen someone with a 24 character name tape, don't sweat it.
  4. acen

    Wanted: "Enhanced Combat Uniforms" for CAF

    The sock monster always takes his share, velcro or not!
  5. acen

    Herc overflights - info source?

    Resident of Limoges as well? I assumed it was the annual aerial pot sweep through the Larose forest, but I could definitely be wrong. I'm just on the edge of the forest and it has been a hive of aerial activity lately.
  6. acen

    A Rifle Company Commander's Notes

    Pl WO or Comd is more likely, we're well staffed in comparison to most reserve units!
  7. acen

    A Rifle Company Commander's Notes

    This is useful even as a reservist MCpl. Thanks for sharing Infanteer.
  8. acen

    Royal Blue Hackle

    The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa kit shop also carries blue hackles. Are you looking for a fuller plume (sticks out farther from behind the cap badge) or flatter (crests only a cm or two)? I may have some of the full plume one lying around, but the flatter ones (that I prefer for my balmoral)...
  9. acen

    Primary Leadership Qualification Course (PLQ) Mega thread

    Any info on the transition from current PLQ Mod 1-4 to the new system? I'm away from DWAN.
  10. acen

    Fire breaks out at DND building in Gatineau

    Looks like LSL is up for a little bit of a refit. Perhaps an earlier move to Carling? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/fire-louis-st-laurent-building-1.3546556
  11. acen

    New Artillery Capbadge

    You may not have boots, you may not have a camouflage uniform that can hide the type and colour of your undergarments, and the grass may not be greener, but at least it will be "noticeably thicker" on the cap badge. Oh, by the way, pay up, that thicker grass doesn't pay for itself! /sarcasm
  12. acen

    Camming up the Thermarest

    Given the yellow and reflective bottom, I'm guessing you got a z-lite sol (http://www.mec.ca/product/5027-423/therm-a-rest-z-lite-sol-sleeping-pad-unisex/?q=z-lite).  Thermarest, and the parent company Cascade Designs actually does a lot of work for the US military and generally has military...
  13. acen

    Hey gun nerds, SA 15.7 or 15.7 IUR franken gun?

    The IUR is pretty front heavy, and while it is very nice, I prefer the standard SA15.7. If you intend on adding a rail, then cost wise you may be better off with the IUR but I like the look of the 15.7 with a KAC RAS on it. Your particular use case will determine which way you should go, but the...
  14. acen

    EO Tech Sight

    USSOCOM is currently seeking a replacement for them. Sources: http://soldiersystems.net/2015/11/09/ussocom-evaulates-replacement-for-eotech-sights/ http://soldiersystems.net/2015/09/30/ussocom-issues-safety-use-message-eotech-enhanced-combat-optical-sights-plus-goings/
  15. acen

    EO Tech Sight

    There has even been a lawsuit where L3 paid out in the realm of 26M to settle. The days of seeing EOTech on USSOCOM rifles are done. The anecdotal side says that this wasn't an issue before L3 took over the company so earlier ones would be good to go according to some.
  16. acen

    New Helmet Contract

    In a bit of a surprise, the new helmet contract won't be going to Revision, nor will it have a built in NVG mount, but it will have a 23% reduction in weight. It seems to retain the existing strap used on the CG634 and have a slightly different profile than the CG634 (though very similar to the...
  17. acen

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    I went straight to the source and asked a few friends in the QOR how they get their patrols, again, at no cost to them, at least for the JR's rank level.
  18. acen

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    The patrols of the QOR are just standard Logistik Unicorps army jackets that are locally modified to the high collar, so in effect, the taxpayer is footing the bill for this.
  19. acen

    Announcing the Battle Procedure Aide Memoire for iPhone/iPad

    No issues here, iPhone 6, iOS 9.1 Beta 4
  20. acen

    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    BinRat, is that for both versions of the boots? For two pairs per? I'm not on DWAN at the moment so I cannot see if it is in the links posted. Thanks