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    P.E.I. is considering special plates for Drunk Drivers

    Just to weigh in on the "completion of sentence" viewpoint, as the article reads it woud potentially apply only to people who are in the ignition interlock program, which is served as an option during the Canada-wide driving suspension you would receive upon an impaired conviction.  I would...
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    RCMP pwns Newspaper Editor

    Fair enough.  Incidentally, the editor has posted an unconditional apology on the Osoyoos Times website...
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    RCMP pwns Newspaper Editor

    Hey, don't feed traffic guys!  It only encourages them...
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    "MP's or Provost - An Idea on Roles" and "Replace base MP with RCMP"

    In my experience*, the RCMP locally adopts its policing model in any detachment that serves a municipality or province, as each area has local and provincial statutes and bylaws that need to be learned by incoming officers to adequately police the populace.  That being said, there are many more...
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    RCMP To Receive C8 Carbines

    There are C7/C8s in the RCMP arsenal now, but they are for use by the Emergency Response Team members.  This new purchase will provide a new tool in the toolbox to supplement the existing shotguns and scoped rifles available to members at the detachment level.
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    Freeman on the Land?

    I saw a youtube video of a traffic stop with a "Freeman" who refused to submit to an approved screening device despite having clearly been drinking.  He was arrested and charged (the hard way) but I think people like this are a ticking time bomb, if they are going to be as reckless with the...
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    What were they thinking?.....Dumb criminals.......add your dumb criminal story

    that happens more often than one would think! It's just as funny when somebody gives a fake name of a friend (who is wanted) when the original person doesn't even have any warrants...  but ends up in custody due to obstruction, among other things.
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    The Legality of Self Defence In Canada

    Exactly.  Once the interviewing officer believes that the victim may be the suspect in the commission of an offence, they would have to stop and caution the victim about providing evidence for that offence before any other questioning.  Otherwise it wouldn't be admissable in court unless it...
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    RCMP Info, discussion

    I have a relative that applied to the RCMP just a few years after 76 with just a diploma and he's doing quite well for himself.  Clearly the pendulum keeps swinging to both ends of the spectrum. I applied after I graduated and felt that the university degree was still "preferred" during the...
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    Crazy Edmonton Murder.

    Well, it's over now.  She made a sudden plead guilty to manslaughter w/ firearm and interfering with human remains, and is set to serve 4 years.  I wonder about how merciful the court will be toward her daughter and grandson as accessories. That, as part of battered women syndrome would be her...
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    No right to a lawyer during interrogation, Supreme Court rules

    I don't get what the big uproar here is.  The Supreme Court just upheld what has always been the norm in Canada up to this point.  I recall that one of the Justices commented that Canada shouldn't just adopt large sections of American law without any real thought put into why. I disagree that...
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    G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

    Just to re-iterate this point, but most if not all of the police from Nontario weren't advised of this public works law, and weren't expected/directed to use it during the course of duties
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    G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

    I too, wonder how much the front-line toronto police were told about this law.  What if all the observed searching/identification techniques was done using traditional police powers only?  Has anyone made a complaint yet that they were searched by officers citing this specific law? The law...
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    G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

    if that quake damaged that nice fence, we're done!
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    Cops stabbed while interviewing suspect

    Having people searched upon entry at a police station/detachment would be a good thing and I'd be happy for it, but not everywhere has the manpower to do that. Unfortunately the ASIRT offices where this happened weren't at a police station.  They were part of a separate government building. ...
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    Cops stabbed while interviewing suspect

    the issue here is that the person was a witness, not a suspect (albeit a very disturbed witness). Is the public going to stand for police searching everyone who comes in to give a statement? 
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    More than $1 billion owed in speeding fines

    Forgive my ignorance on this (I had zero knowledge of provincial tickets/fines until I left Ontario) but is there an Ontario option to serve said ticket as a court-compelling summons?  Meaning that if said driver fails to pay or show up on the court date, then a provincial warrant is issued for...
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    More than $1 billion owed in speeding fines

    It's too bad the province doesn't have anything like Alberta's system of putting unpaid fine convictions on your registries record, so that you can't renew your license/registration without first paying your outstanding fines.  (And for those who *choose* not to renew their registration if the...
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    G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

    all I have to do is read the ads at the end of that article to see the truth in it all: clearly I've been on the wrong side this whole time!  repent!  repent!
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    G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

    I put my name in for these...  they're starting to look exciting!  >:D