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    Naval Ensign

    Hell with hardtack.. bring back the TOT!
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    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Super Thread

    Can anyone explain why there are different criteria for awarding a medal for celebrating our Queen's Diamond Jubilee should be so different from country to country? UK is awarding said medal to servicemen, emergency workers, police, etc with more than 5 years service while Canda has 60K medals...
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    Element change and issue of new DEU

    I am in the process of changing DEU's from AF to Navy. From what I understand , I am entitled to a new uniform without using points. HOWEVER Clothing stores is picking and choosing what I get. For example, I have a black tie from AF, already have parade boots and gloves are the same. Am I...
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    Most Memorable Rememberance Day Service

    This one.... 22 yrs in Cf.. I was tasked for a work party. I was setting up dias and flags and several people stopped to thank me and my co worker for serving my country
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    Nova Scotia Legion bartender killed

    Peter was a veteran of Gulf War 1 on board  Protecteur (!st Crew). He retired as an ex P1 Stoker in 91, and has been working at that legion since retirement