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    Supply Tech - merged

    Thanks ! I thought it was the end of Sep, so knowing the official dates (for now) is awesome.
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    Supply Tech - merged

    Does anyone know the dates for the QL3 Supply Tech course for 2013? is it September?
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    be prepared.

    Couldn't agree with you more. For example, the sewing(off the top of my head)... he told me that there were so many people whining and complaining and "not seeing the point in this" and such, and he said he totally understands why they get you to do it, aside from having your stuff all labeled...
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    be prepared.

    My hubby is in BMQ right now and while he OBVIOUSLY has stressful / challenging days... he knows that it is a game, and he tells me how amazing of an experience it is - already. The people you meet (whether it be good or bad!) the staff, and the everyday things you get to experience is...
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    Credit Check Durring Application

    It all depends on why you have bad credit, if you are considered and through the process (interview) you will be asked about it if need be.
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    Accn Near CFLRS

    HI express is great
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    Married but paying for rations while on course.

    I assumed as much but thanks! :-)
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    Married but paying for rations while on course.

    Oh ok! Wasnt sure what delinking meant yeah lol, Yeah my hubby went to bmq a month ago and was told two days before he left that he would be paying rations... he got exempt from quarters which was like $94...I would have rathered that over the $550 lol. I personally think its wild that all are...
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    Married but paying for rations while on course.

    What would/does this mean? Apologize for sounding dumbfounded but just a newbie wife posting here.... haha Curious, as hubby is in BMQ right now. Thx:-)
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    EI question for spouse after posting.

    There is something on the government website regarding benefits due to this reason and such.... as I was looking into it as well as I will be on Maternity Leave when we are posted, so I wanted more info - but yeah check out the website ...www.servicecanada.gc.ca
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    Married but paying for rations while on course.

    You have prior experience in what? and going directly to trade training ... ? meaning you won't need to go to BMQ? Sorry, your post/question is confusing... in BMQ now everyone (regardless if married / having a mortgage) pays rations... as well as when you do your specific training after BMQ...
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    Married but paying for rations while on course.

    I realize this, which is why I do not disagree with the fact... but I do not know how they come up with their numbers..... when making over a grand a month off of TWO recruits... when there are hundreds there.....(BMQ I am talking)...and I was told that out of the staff at bmq...the only meal...
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    Married but paying for rations while on course.

    My husband is in BMQ right now and was informed 2 days before he left for BMQ that he would be paying rations, and that was him calling to ask about something else then that topic came up... I don't fully disagree with the whole idea that they should charge for meals and what not (if they are...
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    St Jean to Trenton/Ottawa

    Am also looking for someone travelling Trenton way on weekends / Easter weekend. And if I can help you out I will let you know!
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    Anyone in BMQ right now going to be driving in the west directions on weekends?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone in St.Jean right now will be driving West on weekends off? Thanks
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    Break down of pay

    lets keep our fingers crossed.
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    Break down of pay

    If this is in regards to everyone having to pay for rations now, the answer is yes ! (posting under my husbands account) but my husband just went to BMQ this past weekend and was informed Friday (by making a call to the RC) that every single person now as of Feb 1st, or 4th... i forget... has to...
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    Feb 11th BMQ

    I'm Air Force, I am in the Feb 4th BMQ Start - Supply Tech. Congratulations Everyone, and Good Luck!
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    BMQ 4-FEB-2013

    MedTech Hopeful, I am coming from Trenton