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    North Korea (Superthread)

    And it looks like it's getting ready to bite China on their arse.
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    North Korea (Superthread)

    You're right, of course. The 25K I mentioned did go over in rotations. One of my great uncles, who was a member of an artillery regiment at the time, was one of the 25,000, although he went over relatively late in the war when things were cooling down and the Canadian contingent was starting to...
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    North Korea (Superthread)

    The situation on the Korean peninsula and surrounding environs isn't looking too good. By launching one of its missiles over Japanese airspace, North Korea just committed an act of war against Japan. It's a lucky thing, I suppose, that fragments from the disintegrating missile didn't land on...
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    New RCAF Command Badge?

    I'll go one better. Let's focus on getting the RCAF the hardware they need to do their jobs first. Then, if there's money left over that can be used for uniforms and accoutrements, let's design a RCAF uniform that is uniquely Canadian, or at least somewhat based on British-pattern RAF uniforms...
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    LAV 6.0

    For what it's worth, the Highbury Avenue supply depot of CFB London had a rail line that ran right next to it. Seemed to me like a pretty good location for getting stuff that needs to be sent by rail sent off quickly and efficiently. The rail line is still there, but the Highbury Depot is not...
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    LAV 6.0

    At the risk of overstating the obvious, both the Canadian and US militaries have been forced to go with wheels rather than tracks for a reason. Wheels are cheap, tracks are not. Even the Russians, with their fleet of BTR-60s, BTR-70s and later BTR-80s and 90s, had a Cold War doctrine that...
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    Defining Foreign and Defence Policy (and hence our Military Force)

    My personal thoughts on the new Defence Policy are a mixed bag. On the one hand, more support for soldiers, their families and veterans is a good thing. On the other, I'm scratching my head over why we need reservists functioning as linguists. I mean, wouldn't this be a function better allocated...
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    Why Not Canadian Amphib/Marine Capability? (merged)

    Maybe the answer to the conundrum is a naval infantry unit? Royal Canadian Marines, perhaps? Or Royal Canadian Marine Regiment? Such a unit need not be corps size, but maybe somewhere in the battalion range, and more like the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) in the British Army than the USMC. It's a...
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    Former Canadian Soldier Wants to be a Reservist despite PTSD

    Interesting idea. But it raises a whole bunch of questions: how and where will we employ Home Guard/Territorial Army members? How will we stand up and fund such an organization, given that the Liberals have decided to defer $8.5 billion in badly needed military spending for the next 20 years...
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    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    One thing that would definitely do it is cutting off all trade with Canada. I seem to remember that the Germans told Trudeau Sr. "No tanks, no trade (with Germany)." And guess what happened next? The government bought new Leopard I tanks and even stationed some of them in Germany. So, if the...
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    Alternative Weapon Systems

    More than that, the Mosquito had the same payload as the US-made B17 bomber, which flew at a much slower speed. The wooden fuselage of the Mosquito also reduced its radar signature and made harder to detect. The Mosquito could fly almost as fast as some fighters, and this meant that it could zip...
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    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    Trudeau had better be careful on how he stickhandles this. If he vacillates on the defence budget, and Trump finds his efforts wanting, he could impose trade restrictions or other sanctions that could see a drop in Canada's GDP that would effectively cost the country more than it would have had...
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    Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31, LAV Coyote, and (partial) G-Wagon Replacement

    Underway writes: The M1117, on which the TAPV is based, was designed expressly for most of the roles you mention. US Army MP units used M1117's extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan for convoy escort and routine patrols. Some people don't recognize that routine patrols are not reconnaissance...
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    Naval Combat Dress (NCD) uniform [Merged]

    If a camouflage-type NCD ensemble is released, I wonder if it will be a CADPAT pattern or something else, maybe something closer to what the Royal Australian Navy have.
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    Naval Combat Dress (NCD) uniform [Merged]

    If this is true, it might well be based on a prototype naval combat dress ensemble that was released for consideration last year, like the one shown in the picture, with a camouflage pattern instead of an all-black colour.
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    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    The reason why the average Canadian isn't bothered by this is manifold. First off, average Canadians don't think much about defence, if they think of it all. Second, they assume that Canada is too large in physical terms and offers too many geographical and topographical obstacles to be easily...
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    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Interesting to see they do BMQ over so many weekends instead of the summer. When I joined up in the late spring of 1979, it was under the auspices of something called SRTP, or Summer Recruit Training Programme. It was partly a way of giving kids 16 and older a summer job and partly a way of...
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    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    I agree, Canada doesn't consistently punch above its weight, not with the current force size and equipment that the CF have now. In limited circumstances where Canada's role and the ROE are clearly defined, and the mission is suited to the capabilities the CF have, then yes, we have been capable...
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    LAV 6.0

    This reminds me of the time when one of my uncles, who was running a supply section on a base several decades ago, had to instruct a bunch of his corporals to go out to every Canadian Tire store in town and buy as many standard carpentry hammers as they could using the money they were given. The...
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    Question - Hearing Loss/ Tinnitus

    This is correct. One of my uncles served in the CF for 23 years and in addition to his basic army pension, he also receives pension amounts for service-related hearing loss and tinnitus. He spent his entire military career working as a supply tech. He traces his hearing loss to the time when he...