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    The air cadet thread

    Is 135 the second official air cadet squadron?  ???
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    The air cadet thread

    The parka is good for short times. But overtime the coat will give and water will just soak in.
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    Is there a story about a ghost of something at Alberthead?
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    The main reason I want webbing is for the to carry the canteen. But if i just use the belt and have one canteen on it, it looks strange.
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    Hi, My name is LAC Cheung and I was wondering if webbing is worth it? Q: -can I put knife sheaths on it (is there a place on it that is 4 cm or smaller? -can i wear it over a camping backpack (is it comfortable)
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    What knife do you cary?

    I was wondering what knives/knife you carry on exercises and everyday.