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    Proper use of Gas Mask.

    So... after training hard on a 6 week Ex in Shilo or where-ever you and the boys can't go back home and let off a bit of steam? Some photos get taken and suddenly its a waste of money to have a military. That is pretty sad. Granted these guys are in uniform but you have NO idea the situation...
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    Active Edge 04

    I'll be there. Was firefighting last year and that was a blast.
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    Mortars: 51 mm, 60 mm, 81 mm, 120 mm & more

    Yard Ape, Are you in the Militia? I have been in 5 Field for over 6 years and while we don't have a lot of time to do tons of cross training I think that we could handle mortars quite easily. There are so many facets of the field artillery that we have to stay boned up on that we would be able...
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    Want To Buy RCA Flag

    Okay, I am back from Shilo and my FOO Tech course. Anyways I got flags, Parker, so if you want to leave your number at the OR for 5 Field or call me 418-1305 then we can get in contact.
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    Want To Buy RCA Flag

    Orderly Room? It would have been quicker to train a monkey and have him hand deliver it to me! :) Anyways, I will get back to you shortly on the price etc and Yes we still train in Yakima. PS. Gunnerlove is kinda... fluffy if you know what I mean so ignore all he has to say.... You know it...
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    Want To Buy RCA Flag

    Did you ACTUALLY talk to the 5th Kitshop?.... I didn't hear from you... and I run the kitshop! :)
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    Canadian soldier downloaded 1,600 child images on CFB computer in Quebec

    You know that dmt won't come back and that he/she was just either a wanker, or someone who made that account for that topic specifically. That is the detraction of the internet, to hide behind the computer screen. Ah well, at least the great majority of us know and do the right thing.
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    What does a Canadian look like, anyway?

    See, the beauty of Canadian Bacon is that the director is Michael Moore. Not too many people know that. One of our more favourite movies directed by a Friend from the South.
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    I have never had a problem with Base issuing me new boots and I work in a Militia regiment supplied by a Navy Base! If thats not a conflict! Anywho, I would go to St Jean without your boots as suggested by Inch because if you like them that much all St Jean will say is turn them in and we'll...
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    Replacing the M109s

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    C3 to the Regs

    Greetings, I have heard some rumblings that all Reserve C3 105s are going to the Regular Force in exchange for the LG1. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Any thoughts on this whole process? From what I heard the LG1 isn‘t the most... cooperative pieces of Kit and I love the C3 so I am hoping...
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    Mortar Video

    I‘d like to know why they would just be hanging around. It seemed like the guns were adjusting on that compound; since they got three hits. The next step would be a Fire For Effect. I wouldn‘t want to be ‘packing up the gear‘. Get the **** out and come back later.
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    MilCOTS GMC Silverado (Iltis replacement for the PRes)

    I am looking for some pictures of said milverado. If anyone has some, please let me know! Thanx.
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    About 5 Fd Regt RCA

    Since an answer was never really located on this thread I will pipe up. Currently I serve the Guns with the Tribe and this is how it sits: 55 BTY is located in Victoria, BC at the Bay Street Armoury. Currently we have been only allocated 2 C3 howitzers but are hoping for more as they may become...