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  1. Mike Rochefort

    Anyone from C SQN RCD or A 8CH in Gagetown 90 to 96

    For those who want a lighter tone and are free to express themselves no structure or fear of reprisals please visit facebook, C sqn RCD for a friendly non judgmental look. at the past From the onset of the Sqn and where it is now.
  2. Mike Rochefort

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Outstanding Jammer M113A1 - Fire Support Vehicle (with Saladin Turret) http://www.armytankmuseum.com.au/i-vd.htm This was taken in the fall of 1978 in Puckapunyal (37°00'S, 145°02'E) an Australian Army base in north-central Victoria. I was on the crew of what the Aussies call a beast that...
  3. Mike Rochefort

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Ok my turn let me ask what, where, when ?
  4. Mike Rochefort

    New Group "takes aim at military messaging"

    This "mass of erectile tissue" no pun intended !!!!Has no right or my permission as a retired member of the CF to presume he speaks for me.
  5. Mike Rochefort

    ERFC BFC ST-JEAN serial 7445

    Looking for anyone still around from our recruit course,we were originaly 7444 but at 100 or so it was decided to split us up and A to M were 7444 and N to Z were in 7445. All were H120 before the megaplex in St-Jean. One instructor was CPL Butch Bouchard from ARTY later he was to be an RSM. Our...
  6. Mike Rochefort

    Looking for Info about Edward Dean & Edward H Dzioba

    Lisa I drove your grandfather around for a little while in Calgary and Wainwright when he was the base RSM. We went on exercise in an old 3/4 ton truck and from what I can remember it was in the late 70's. He was in my eyes a very powerfull man and I had a lot of respect for him. He scared the...
  7. Mike Rochefort

    Armoured Soldier Questions

    I really don't have a preference as to which I will be posted I hope you take this advice for what its worth I served with both these fine regiments and to some I may not have had to glorious jobs or have been as visible as others but I put 120% in what I had to do.I promise you this wherever...
  8. Mike Rochefort

    Serious Discussion on the Treatment of Liberals on These Forums

    Interesting debate. Who cares.? You can do nothing about the past however you can all do something about the shape of the future. If all you’re concentrated your efforts went towards changing the way things are I am sure you would make a difference.
  9. Mike Rochefort

    11 Apr 2007 - MCpl Allan Stewart, Tpr Patrick Pentland, RCD

    True,Proud and now free. RIP young HEROS :salute:
  10. Mike Rochefort

    Moose Milk and Other Regimental Drinks

    Ok for the ease of the post Army,Navy,Airforce..Lambs,Bacardi or Jamaican black strap..It don't matter after the first dozen glasses and we are all the same at that point. The thought of it for me today was to mix a batch and when the need comes around I will stand with glass in hand and toast...
  11. Mike Rochefort

    Moose Milk and Other Regimental Drinks

    I was out in the insanity today and managed to pick up Capt Morgan and a light came on... :) quick look for ice cream and here I am looking for the best of the best to share with everyone here on the finer parts of being a soldier.
  12. Mike Rochefort

    Moose Milk and Other Regimental Drinks

    Damn you guys have it all covered here. Next time I will be more vigilant in my searches before I put keys to the test.
  13. Mike Rochefort

    Moose Milk and Other Regimental Drinks

    Ok guys time to think. This my not be the right place to post this but hey happy holidays. From earliest days in the corp I was introduced to Moose Milk so... I'm a lot older now and have forgotten how good it was. :P I am asking for a summary of the best batch you have ever tasted and what was...
  14. Mike Rochefort

    Google-earth sightings....

    George I know these circles all too well I drove around them for 3 years, If I knew no one would do me in I would tell some stories that would make your skin crawl on what is buried out there  at 50°18'7.79"N 110°55'21.62"W. I wonder if the now RSM 12 RBC would still think we were outside one...
  15. Mike Rochefort

    What is your military status?

    Retired since 1995..after 21 years MOC 011..LdSH(RC) and RCD To be honest I miss it..... :crybaby:
  16. Mike Rochefort

    Google-earth sightings....

    What Sub in Norfolk VA would this be at  36°49'9.19"N  76°17'38.06"W
  17. Mike Rochefort

    NBCW Can Anthrax or similar substances be detected with current NBC kits.

    Thanks for the input guys I knew it would stir up some debate. It was one of those times when I was totally bewildered by their actions and how there was a lack of leadership at the scene and I asked myself the silent questions. What if it were the real thing?? Short of going on for a long story...
  18. Mike Rochefort

    NBCW Can Anthrax or similar substances be detected with current NBC kits.

    The scary thing was the poor sap in a suit was me at one time I was in Suffiled in the mid 80's with DRES at our back  door and they wore our NBC suits for underware. Now what did that tell me when all we had was that suit if we ever went operational anywhere how protected were we really.
  19. Mike Rochefort

    NBCW Can Anthrax or similar substances be detected with current NBC kits.

    I have had the pleasure of being involved in a suspicious package scare today and watched the local civilian officials go into a tail spin with various protocols and involving just about every EMO in the city. Being retired member of the CAF and holding the qualification of NBCW mobile op it has...
  20. Mike Rochefort

    Cornwallis Vs. St Jean

    Ah..St-Jean.. I can assure you that pre mega recruits were as polished as the Cornwallis ones. In my platoon we were at least 100 plus and were divided into 2  courses in the winter of 1974 and trust me on this there was Pt plenty of it. Our instructors were mostly R22er ans some drop shorts it...