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    A journalist in Afgh who is not embedded is incapable of getting the whole story

    I'd say one of the big problems there is that the troops he is embedded with are not there to act as his bodyguards if he decides to wander off and have a sit down with Taliban troops.
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    Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law

    Catholics are not for the most part Bible literalists, but there are a significant number of Evangelicals out there who take it quite literally. Here's a great video that discusses "open-mindedness" and explains it better then me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T69TOuqaqXI
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    Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law

    The bar for science is called "peer review". Any paper or opinion published is just ink on paper until it goes through the peer review process regardless of the letters after the author's name. Please find and post peer reviewed science that supports a young earth model.
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    Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law

    I haven't read the actual bill, but from the article the wording seems to imply that parents can pull their children from class when ANY subject matter being taught conflicts with their religion. Evolution itself is touched on in history in biology, and general science classes. Now what happens...
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    Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law

    Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law Last Updated: Thursday, April 30, 2009 CBC News Article Link
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    Soldier Body Armour - FPV, BRP, shoulder pads & throat protectors (Merged Thread)

    I've seen "airsoft" replicata plates that are made of plastic, are hollow, and can be filled with sand to simulate weight. No clue where I saw them though.
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    VLTOR Dealers in Canada?

    I've seen them in stock at CRAFM, but supply comes and goes and not much is coming into Canada these days. You'd probably have more luck asking over on Canadiangunnuts.com. 
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    CSIS taping conversations between lawyers, terrorism suspects - Globe & Mail

    This is probably the most important statement in that story: He consented to the wiretapping as a condition of release. Voila, discussion over. Then there's this gem: Really? And how are they supposed to know she is really his lawyer and that it's really her on the phone? How are they...
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    QC militias/paramilitary groups (merged)

    They sell Blackhawk, 5.11, and few other brands who will let anybody be a distributor. Go under the "vest", "Modular Gear" and a few other sections and you'll find Condor and other cheap knock-off stuff. Also, judging from their site Paintball, Airsoft, and upgrades for said products look to be...
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    QC militias/paramilitary groups (merged)

    Their website has a link to airsoft and replica gear suppliers, what more do you need to know about these clowns?
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    CF to be Involved in Ontario's Ex Trillium Response

    The selection of the scenario sounds very PC to me. Couldn't they come up with something a little more relevant to the current world situation? I know ice storms happen, but would this not be better training if it was focused on say a massive NBCW threat or event?
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    Obama achieves historic U.S. presidential victory

    I think the selection of Palin as VP was a major cause of the Republican loss. The “base” she supposedly appealed to would vote Republican no matter what so I think that argument falls flat. She costs the Republicans the election by ostracizing the growing number of moderate voters who value...
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    Honouring an anti-war 'activist'

    Here's a quote that I like from Yukiyoshi Takamura on pacifism:
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    "Vigil 1914-1918", National War Memorial, 4-11 Nov 08

    Well, I'd be willing to bet that was the intent and I agree: it's a profound statement.
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    Canadian, U.S. soldiers compare armies

    So Canadian soldiers make more money then American soldiers. This is news? We've always made more money as far back as I can remember.
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    Canada's Place in the Global Economy

    I believe this is the crux of that particular article and a blatant attempt to influence the outcome of the coming election. Some of what's in the article does ring true but the blame does not lie on Harper's shoulders.
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    What One General Hopes For from Media

    The leadership in most news organization have let their personal ideology and the needs for ratings turn them into little more then extensions of one political party or another. 
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    Couple ?'s regarding recruting process

    I did get deferred, but not because of what I explained here. I worked these issues out with the polygraph examiner. I can't really tell you what the questions they ask are, but there are "test" questions which sort of test your test whether you are purposefully trying to deceive, so the guy can...
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    Couple ?'s regarding recruting process

    No, I didn’t withhold anything on purpose. I’m 35 and can’t always consciously remember every detail of every stupid thing I have ever done. What happened is that when asked a question, my already overactive brain started working overtime to be thorough and kept remembering new stuff, almost...
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    Couple ?'s regarding recruting process

    Having gone through the poly, I am actually going to stress you out a bit. Disclose all the big crap and anything recent. If you did stupid stuff when you were a kid, they will understand (well, unless you murdered somebody or something like that, but if you did that why are you even applying?) ...