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    Toronto to establish a red-light district

    They already have one pathetic hockey team, why burden them with a second one!  >:D
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    Joining UK Armed Forces

    Try the British High Consulate in Ottawa. That's where I would start. http://ukincanada.fco.gov.uk/en/about-us/faqs/living-working/work
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    Academic transcripts - Questions [MERGED]

    There is a reason they ask for them... Give them what you can. If what you can give them is only half a term, then provide them with half a term.  When I did my application, I had to provide them with my transcript less the last semester and finally when I was done, they wanted my whole...
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    You beat me to it...
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    Recruiting office

    You know how your parents told you to think before you speak... (I assume they did this) Well here, it's the same... Think before you post.
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    Is this a reliable link for the aptitude test

    By the looks of it, few of the posters on this forum would disagree with your statement...  :facepalm:
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    Abortion Issues - Mega Thread [MERGED]

    Lets keep it simple... Let the people decide. If a woman wants an abortion, who are we to to tell her she is not allowed? You might not agree with such practise, but it does not affect you directly. If you disagree with such practise, don't practise it!
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    Recruiting office

    TFTFY  ;D
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    Recruiting office

    You just listed the RCs closest to you... EDIT, REMOVE IF NEED BE:  MJP beat me to it
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    What We Deserve

    I agree.  Look at Quebec and their system, it's the same as France's. I agree with Pusser and Mr. Seggie, change has to start at the individual level. By those means, we'll be able to have judges that aren't scared of getting shot down by the Supreme Court for not following Jurisprudence. All...
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    What We Deserve

    If only it was as simple as "elect me, and I'll get all the prisoners the sentences they deserve!".  In Common Law, sentences are passed based on prior sentences, hence jurisprudence. It is incredibly difficult to have a breakthrough in jurisprudence as the judge must explain why his verdict...
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    Do our tanks and LAVs have a key ignition? funny question

    I wonder if they'll have AC and seat warmers!  ;D
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    Is the US on the brink of a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan?

    Read parts the Nicomachean Ethics in my Political Philosophy class.  Recommend whoever decides to read this massive work, do so with a notion that it is a translated work, and the terms used by Aristotle may have a completely different meaning back then as to how these terms are used today. Like...
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    Currently in PRES BMQ. Any issues starting a new prescription for ADD/ADHD meds?

    I'm not a doctor or anything, but if you need medication to help you during finals, are you going to need them during your military career, part time or not, when you'll be malnourished, tired, and stressed? I thought you either had ADD or you don't... It's not something that pops up when you...
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    Chance of Deployment [Merged]

    Your question was not "Does 1 CMBG have one more deployment in line before the end of Op Attention" your question was "what are your thoughts on me getting a tour in Afghanistan". You were asking for an opinion in relation to you, not the brigade's deployment. For all you know, since you only...
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    Chance of Deployment [Merged]

    How do you want us to know if you're going to Afghanistan or not?
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    Toronto Recruitment Centre

    Since I was applying for JTF2superninjasniper school from the get go, they let me write my CFAT with mud and my own sweat.  Anybody else had to do this or am I the only one?  ;D
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    Au contraire, mon ami! Education is directly related to CF and the need of the organization. See *need of the organization*. The only thing posters are trying to say on this board is that, as your plan calls for, if you want to be a Legal Officer, be a Legal Officer and don't jump occupations...