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  1. Military Chiklet

    Cadet Training

  2. Military Chiklet

    Cadet Training

    ...Er, I didn't mean for it to be... I'm sorry... I just wanted help...I re-decided what I was going to say and I wont mention this again.
  3. Military Chiklet

    Platoon Commander Notebook

    I may be still a cadet, But I can search long and hard for you if possible. Any specific date you want/need this for? I have many connections....and I will be more than willing to get you a copy asap.
  4. Military Chiklet

    Parachutist wings from cadets on my PRes or RegF uniform

    I wondered about it too...I've also heard they have started it up for Air cadets this past summer... In which, I need the training for this. In anytime at all, I would absolutely love to trade up my glider and power positions..I have no desire to be airborne none so ever. But I can see why...
  5. Military Chiklet

    Cadet Training

    I already know what i need to take outside of Cadets for the future military job I want...but what about inside? I want to hear some suggested camps for the future job that I'm training hard to get....which is a Mercenary. I don't care if it takes me five long years...but I want to get some...
  6. Military Chiklet

    what qualifications do you have?

    Music level 3, Buglers badge, Pipes Badge, First aid...other badges I'm not gonna bother labeling...and no medals (so far)
  7. Military Chiklet


    Well if this wasn't so long ago, I'd send you mine- they are in perfect condition, as my sqn doesn't go on many survival FTx's.
  8. Military Chiklet


    Was just at Alberthead for the past 6 weeks... No ghost, but the guys came up with a demon deer theory....scared the heck outta all of them and then they started telling the girls of H-blcoks...Freaked out the BL's to the point where we had hysterical 3weekies. Anyhow, for your general interest...