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  1. JBoyd

    Canada's airlines announce new security measures in wake of Xmas attack attempt

    What the article doesn't say is that the accused would not speak and the judge plead not guilty on his behalf. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/christmas_day_bomber_to_be_arraigned_Ky5FfaM7t5a9VXOyLO8UIM#ixzz0c55nCXPf
  2. JBoyd

    Monthly Pay after deductions - Questions [Merged]

    Unfortunately it is hard to give a proper estimate as allowances/deductions will be different from person to person. I am currently attending CFLRS, married with 3 dependants, my last pay was somewhere around $1150. I believe this includes PLD and most likely separation expense, as well...
  3. JBoyd

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    I also have locked my keys in my car while it was running. I now carry a spare key in my wallet, which usually is a great thing to have unless I manage to lock my wallet in my car as well... And I believe the horrible liquid you were referring to was Baja Rosa, there is also Baja Luna and Baja...
  4. JBoyd

    Monthly Pay after deductions - Questions [Merged]

    I believe Quebec has the highest income tax rate in Canada, if not than definitely one of the highest. The good thing is that when you file your income tax the rate you pay is that of the province in which you lived on December 31st.
  5. JBoyd

    Going back to St Jean

    Our Platoon was scheduled to have our 2nd run at the obstacle course after our 3.2km rucksack march. That was 2 weeks ago and there was snow in Saint Jean, Not sure what everyone's definition of winter is but I believe that snow on the course would add higher risk to possible injury. We didn't...
  6. JBoyd

    Going back to St Jean

    Not entirely sure of how bad the break is/was, but I do know they gave her 8 weeks ETA until she could properly walk again (not sure if this was just an ETA on walking, or if it was for a full recovery). The break happened about 3 weeks ago now, and a week ago she was off her crutches and...
  7. JBoyd

    Going back to St Jean

    Good luck with your recovery Lil_T, a girl from my section broke her leg on the first obstacle we did during the week 2 obs crse PT. It was raining and we did the monkey bars first. Hopefully things go really well for you and you will get your fit chit in Jan :)
  8. JBoyd

    Receieved the Call

    Just posting an update, back home for Christmas leave until the 9th. BMQ is going good.. and fast, can't believe a month has gone by since I started.
  9. JBoyd

    Is the internet stick useful?

    I believe an internet stick can be very useful, I am in the midst of BMQ right now, and plan on having a stick to take back with me when my leave ends in Jan. I have looked into both Rogers and Telus. Telus offers a 21.1mbps model and a 7mbps model. the 21.1 is free on a 2 or 3 year contract...
  10. JBoyd

    BMQ and Release

    http://www.army.ca/wiki/index.php/Articles_for_Release#4___Voluntary It is a release from the Canadian Forces entirely.
  11. JBoyd

    Man in jail for having SEX with HORSE(?!!!!!)

    Could of been worse, he could have had the same fate as Kenneth Pinyan
  12. JBoyd

    Yet Another Upgrade...

    I like the new look, but I have lost the milnet.ca colours. I have just all white and it is kind of hard on the eyes. Anyway for me to get back to the grey? Other then that, everything looks great
  13. JBoyd

    Just applied.

    I agree, if you are willing to wait then that is great :) . Perseverance pays off
  14. JBoyd

    Just applied.

    Congrats on taking the first step. Are you aware that both Armoured and Infantry are closed for the remainder of the fiscal year? If you were set on one of these positions more-so than MP perhaps you may wish to research other positions? Unless you are willing to wait until March/April when...
  15. JBoyd

    All about MilPoints

    Well it is good to know that posts within Radio Chatter are not padding milpoints totals. Knowing this now my view is slightly different.
  16. JBoyd

    All about MilPoints

    When you get someone posting in threads such as the Word Association thread, they can obtain a fair bit of milpoints for one word posts that do not really give or take anything from the site. I tend to agree with Flawed Design, while milpoints are being awarded for being online and making posts...
  17. JBoyd

    Mods deleting posts & threads-reasons given to member?

    Just a suggestion, but perhaops some type of programming that has the person deleting the thread(s)/post(s) enter in a reason. Have the reason entered tie to the milpoint's post so that when you view your mipoints you will have a generic reason with the deleted post/thread message. This would...
  18. JBoyd

    November 2009 BMQ

    I know how you feel, I've only seen about 4 people including myself from here heading to the November 16th serial, everyone seems to be heading out for the 23rd
  19. JBoyd

    Table Top Strategy Games

    Perhaps http://www.pente.net/index.php ? there is also http://pente.org/
  20. JBoyd

    Receieved the Call

    I believe there are a few LCIS Techs on the site, but if you are interested in LCIS Tech then perhaps doing some research may help as well. There are a number of threads pertaining to LCIS that should help you out. As well, if you have not already read the trade page on forces.ca then it would...