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  1. JSR OP

    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Unforeseen delay?  I received it on the 28th  through my CoC. The email chain said to pass it on, so here it is. Enjoy!
  2. JSR OP

    Considering career in QYRANG

    http://www.forces.ca/en/page/careeroptions-123#tab3 http://www.forces.ca/en/job/armouredsoldier-1 Enjoy. One more: http://qyrang.ca/
  3. JSR OP

    Improved Combat Uniform

    DovoNewb, you may want to have a look at your profile.  Unless of course the unit you say you're in isn't the unit your actually in....
  4. JSR OP

    Pykrete carrier

    Here's a picture of Pyramid Lake where Project Habakkuk was conducted. In 2012, 1 CMBG HQ & Sig Sqn SHQ Tp did a three day PD session in Jasper, and Project Habakkuk was one of the topics we covered.  As you can see, the view there is spectacular!
  5. JSR OP

    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Here is a link to the site I think you're looking for:     http://acims.mil.ca/capdev/ACISS/default.aspx There is a link to PLAR stuff there, but it's not functional.
  6. JSR OP

    What would you do?

    I'm still at HQ & Sigs and right now work as the 1 CMBG IM2.  I can't complain, its a great job.  Lots to do with SharePoint, ACIMS, LCSS, Central Registry, assisting Ops and the like
  7. JSR OP

    What would you do?

    Some random...comment.  That made me snicker!  There was nothing random about it.  I made a conscious decision to reply to your specific thread...  but I digress. I was just telling how it was for me.  I was posted out of JSR in 2012 with two of three posting preferences in Ontario.  The fact...
  8. JSR OP

    What would you do?

    I have a feeling you won't be staying in Ontario.  IIRC, Petawawa is coming out of High Readiness, and Edmonton is entering the road to High Readiness.  You may just find yourself posted to 1 CMBG this year! I was posted to Edmonton three years ago after being at The Regiment for 8 years, and...
  9. JSR OP

    How to recind or dispose of a military qualification

    I had a guy in my office have a clerk remove a qualification from his MPRR because he didn't know what it was...  turns out it was an ACISS trade qualification that he was granted under based on one of his old trade quals...  Once I explained what it was to him after the fact, he had the clerk...
  10. JSR OP

    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    Direction fm  1CMBG HQ is now out along with three sample PERs: 1 CMBG PERSONNEL EVALUATION  REPORT (PER) CHANGES FY 2013/2014                            References:  A.  CANFORGEN 011/14 B.  1 CMBG 5225-1 (BSC) - 1 CMBG Performance Assessment Instruction FY 2013/2014 dated 17 Sept 2013...
  11. JSR OP

    revocation of commission

    We had this happen in our office last year.  One of our OJT officers was initially enrolled as an Air Traffic Control Officer (I don't remember the specific trade Name).  Long story short, she didn't pass.  The powers that be tried to make her a signals officer, but and degrees she held, didn't...
  12. JSR OP

    All things Joint Sigs Regt/JSR (merged)

    And starting Monday,  IM MCpl!
  13. JSR OP

    Word association (just for fun)

  14. JSR OP

    Word association (just for fun)

  15. JSR OP

    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Just Rx'd this email WRT ACISS Modernization Training: To the Signal Community 1. As most of you already know, the modernization trg has been released in DND Learn for DP 2.0, 3B.0 and 4A.0. Signals personnel have already begun to receive DND Learn accounts which have caused several e-mails...
  16. JSR OP

    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Speaking of failure, has anyone completed their "Modernization" package on DNDlearn yet?  What a horrible experience that was.  I would have rather completed the TCCCS 103 CBT again than do that over.  It was full of typos, incoherent or incomplete sentences, overlapping text. I completed the...
  17. JSR OP

    Saluting Foreign Officers

    Been there, done that, even saw them in real life. Throwing out a chart of NATO equivalencies doesn't even come close to answering the question...  Especially since the chart doesn't even show the US Warrant Officer ranks... Thanks for coming out though.
  18. JSR OP

    Word association (just for fun)

  19. JSR OP

    Saluting Foreign Officers

    What if they don't hold a commission at all?  What about US Warrant Officers...  do we as Canadian Forces pers salute them?  I'm inclined to say no, as we don't salute our own.