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  1. eme411

    M113 / AVGP / Bison Driver "weather protection?"

    The M-113 windshield was very interesting , you drive into the sun and the whole world in front of you vanished, never mind the wind I need to see , that windshield came off real fast,
  2. eme411

    Wanted - RCEME shoulder titles for old combats

    Still looking for some
  3. eme411

    Wanted - RCEME shoulder titles for old combats

    There is something else you will not find in the room , Cam Magazine , printed in 43, 44 and 45 published by the Directorate of Mechanical Maintenance NDHQ, everything was for motor transport, service info , how to in the field etc, very cool little books, still missing 4 issues,
  4. eme411

    Wanted - RCEME shoulder titles for old combats

    Looking for a few sets of RCEME shoulder titles for the old combat slip ons , type used prior to forces amalgamation , new or used ok, also any other interesting EME items
  5. eme411

    106 set

    Anyone out there have a complete 106 set , we're looking for one for our museum,
  6. eme411

    MLVW restrictions

    do any of you know if the break is the same on all the vehicles? if so this looks like it's all about the torque rod mod allowing to much lateral movement and stressing the stud to the point where it just breaks off, they should expect this break on every ML that has had the torque rod mod done...
  7. eme411

    MLVW restrictions

    what I see here may be a issue of quality of the part ,  over torqueing the nut , and also the fact that we are the only ones that install a V-8 power plant when all other users of the M-35 install a 6 cylinder , more torque for the trunion  and torque rods , this is  the item that does fail on...
  8. eme411

    FS - multiple items, kit and pouches

    Hi , interested in the compass and tool bag, let me know please, regards Frank
  9. eme411

    Close Combat Vehicle: Canada to buy another AFV (& keeping LAV III & TLAV)

    Interesting that this has happened now after the CF has scraped over 400 M-113's , we should really jump onto some of the US contracts or see what they have to sell, ie. we can go back to the 5/4 CUCV , here we were driving our 76 5/4 's into the ground and we could have purchased more CUCV's...
  10. eme411

    In service Photos with CFR

    That's great, one of my buddies has a photo of the ML he was driving being recovered by that ARV, also the gun plumber from my unit also crewed on that vehicle, I have all the files from Meaford for the ARV and the vehicle came with all of it's kit,
  11. eme411

    In service Photos with CFR

    We have these vehicles and more in our museum , all are runners,
  12. eme411

    In service Photos with CFR

    I'm looking for in service photos of the following vehicles: M-548A1  66-35482 served Armour school, 2 RCR, 4 CER M-113A2 Dozer  65-36033 served 2 CER, 3 RCR, 4 CER, AVGP Grizzly 78-37263  served TFBH &TF Kosovo SFOR M-113A2 Fitters 65-38007 served 2 RCHA, 25 CFSD, 2 PPCLI M-113 - M-901 TUA...
  13. eme411

    Binoculars - Bausch and Lomb WW1 or WW2 ?

    anything with the broad arrow is British and will also have the date , large C with broad arrow is Canadian and will also have a date , most Canadian WW 2 binos were produced by REL in Toronto , I have several pairs , both army and RCAF , cases are also marked and dated, most military binos will...
  14. eme411

    Self driving vehicles

    I read and see all the things going on with CF tactical vehicles and just shake my head, we have gone from a gas power fleet to diesel that gave us great reliability and have now moved to computerized engines with no end of problems ie logistics , and no longer able to repair in the field , all...
  15. eme411

    M-577A2 Queen Mary

    Does anyone out there know of a 4.2 kw genset mount and hoist davit for the front of the vehicle, we need one of each for the one we have in our museum, last of the items that we are looking for , also any M-113A2 parts that may be laying around, we have a running fleet of 15, hope someone can...
  16. eme411

    Generator Trouble

    Hi , I know this is a old post but it may still help, diesel gen sets need extra training for most , lesson 1 NEVER run it out of fuel, if you do you will need to prime the entire fuel system, it's called a air block , the injector will not allow air to pass , that means you need to fill the...
  17. eme411

    Ammo can question

    Be extra careful with true CARC, it is the agent that is the nasty stuff , so be careful when sanding or welding, there is a CARC replacement made by Gillespie coatings that you can purchase in the US,  this is the colour only, no agent, also there are other colours for older vintage ammo cans...
  18. eme411


    Hi There, item 1- solid state flasher control, fits on steering column , standard for all M-series vehicles , item 2 solid state flasher relay , again all M-series vehicles , on softskins installed on firewall, Item 3 spare tire mount for M-38A1 to M-38A1 CDN 3, missing square portion for tire...