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  1. expwor

    Shadow Box For Medals

    This is what I did with my Corrections Exemplary Service Medal. Just went to a framer and had him mount it in a frame like so (see pic) It may give ideas on how to mount your medals. Tom  
  2. expwor

    Military combat veteran avoids jail time on child porn conviction due to PTSD

    What a load of BS.  In a nutshell they're saying PTSD causes pedophilia. I guess by that "logic" if he didn't have PTSD he wouldn't have victimized anyone. He's just a predator who targeted children, not just the 881 on his computer but the child he and his gf were going to victimize.  And all...
  3. expwor

    Avro Arrow RL-206

    The plans were sitting in a Saskatchewan man's home for years according to this CBC story https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/saved-avro-arrow-blueprints-ordered-destroyed-1.5416554 Tom
  4. expwor

    Trip Planning

    And another bit of information from the CBSA website https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/import/iefw-iefa-eng.html Good Luck Tom
  5. expwor

    Favourite War Movies

    For those with Netflix a couple One requires a Big Bag of Popcorn...it runs almost 4 hours long It's Lawrence Of Arabia And a couple documentaries that may be of interest Apache Warrior and Spitfire Enjoy. And if you're like me you'll likely have to spend another four hours re watching...
  6. expwor

    CPC Leadership Discussion 2020-21

    I know it's not exactly about choosing a new leader but seems more appropriate to post in this thread than to start a new thread. Scheer resigned as party leader for using party funds to pay for his kids schooling...put another way I think it's fair to say he embezzled party funds. Now the party...
  7. expwor

    Jeffrey Epstein, found in his prison cell.

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/medical-examiner-epstein-death-suicide-hanging-ruling-1.5250432 Of course conspiracy theorists will say the coroner was paid off to cover up the "truth" of Epstein's death.  But really nothing to see here, just a POS who's gone Tom
  8. expwor

    Jeffrey Epstein, found in his prison cell.

    The ones we had at Millhaven when I was a young fish screw LOL were on the range wall. You walked to the end of the range and pressed the switch. But I am familiar (although never used one myself) with the type you showed. OMG that was a lifetime ago...I still had hair on my head Tom 
  9. expwor

    Jeffrey Epstein, found in his prison cell.

    Not saying not true, since I've never worked in that facility, but when I was in (as a Correctional Officer, not a con) when you did your range walk there was a punch at the end of the range which verified you went down range and back and how long your range walk took. There was also a log book...
  10. expwor

    2008 Ford F-250 XLT 6.4l Twin Turbo, Powerstoke Diesel

    No expert at all but fourth picture (looking at the truck from the rear) Is there a dent in the rear bumper (drivers side) Don't know if it affects the truck at all but it may have been in an accident, even a fender bender Good Luck Tom
  11. expwor

    Jeffrey Epstein, found in his prison cell.

    I bet he didn't even have to do that.  Just say the "right" things to prison staff (Correctional Officers, Psychologists etc) to make them believe he isn't suicidal, and they take him off suicide watch. And to those surprised he was off suicide watch I'd be surprised after a few weeks behind...
  12. expwor

    Jeffrey Epstein, found in his prison cell.

    Being on suicide watch doesn't necessarily mean someone is watching him, and only him 24/7. It means the correctional officer would likely check his cell every 15 minutes (normally a correctional officer does his/her wind/count every hour)  But placing an offender under suicide watch would be in...
  13. expwor

    BC Murders / MB Manhunt of Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky

    On CBC Military arrives in Northern Manitoba to help search for homicide suspects https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/homicide-northern-bc-manitaba-1.5227846
  14. expwor

    Service Record

    Just a bit more information if it helps (I used it mind you I was in the Militia 1979-1981) was an ATIP request Here's the link  https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/corporate/transparency/access-information-privacy.html In my case I got a letter indicating I was Honourably...
  15. expwor

    Pay increments

    Although not in the Canadian Forces I am retired from the Federal Public Service and rates of pay were similarly structured. The PI I'd venture a guess stands for Pay Increment The different PI levels just because like the Public Service you don't go right to top pay (well not supposed to) at...
  16. expwor

    Fur-family memories

    This hits close, really close to home. Just this past Friday I had to take my cat, Nabob, to the vet and have him put to sleep. I had him for 11+ years, he was a rescued feral kitten who adopted me. A little over a year ago he had rapid weight loss due to elevated white blood cell count.  With...
  17. expwor

    Ordering Wide sized lowa boots-unavailable in North America

    A longshot (maybe) but have you also tried searching Amazon (both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com) Maybe on there they'll have what you're looking for Good Luck Tom
  18. expwor

    What have you won thus far in the Roll Up the Rim?

    Story of my RUTRTW life...played for the first time this year But I went to Timmies to get a coffee, and I got what I payed for so no complaints Tom
  19. expwor

    Canadian soldiers suffer frostbite during winter training

    Just a civies opinion with a Militia four day Winter Warfare course (2 days theory, 2 days camping) I am no expert. But it sounds like that member wanted off the course.  Member probably listened just ignored and hoped to get an RTU Again just a very non expert opinion, I'd say my two cents...
  20. expwor

    The FN C1 - Service Rifle of the Past (and C7A1 vs FN C1A1)

    More useful compared to what?  You'd need shooters who have shot the FN C1 and the FAL to compare the two As the rifle that was most everyone's personal weapon (to the best of my limited CF knowledge) back in the day it seemed pretty useful to me. And that's with the caveat I had limited...