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  1. AmmoTech90

    The Replacement Ukraine Thread

    Then don't. Use Comp B. Use TNT. Perfect is the death of good.
  2. AmmoTech90

    Canada doesn’t matter to the rest of the world - and it’s our own fault

    Hopefully not more than couple weeks or month. Most people should be scheduled to start trades within a month or less of graduating. Leave a bit of lag time to allow for BMQ recourses, travel, admin, but not too much. Definitely not long enough to get Level II. Unless it almost done when they...
  3. AmmoTech90

    Everything KeLouJoH knows [Split from other threads]

    You didn't have to deal with it. The queer kids did. They dealt with it by keeping their heads down, living in fear, getting beat up, and a good portion of them killed themselves. Sorry the straight assholes are having a hard time with a changing world view. Actually I'm not sorry. Hopefully...
  4. AmmoTech90


    What Kevin said. Trench jump and wall climb at on second day... Maybe, sometimes?
  5. AmmoTech90

    How common are tracer rounds

    You can also get 1B1T
  6. AmmoTech90

    UOR new equipment

    Yes, there's even if photo of one in an Ottawa Citizen article by he who must not be named. Dated Nov 16, 2016
  7. AmmoTech90

    A Deeply Fractured US

    That was not on the bingo card.
  8. AmmoTech90

    Houthi Red Sea Blockade

    It's the value of your target's target you should assess. Iron Dome doesn't hit everything, just those rockets that will impact somewhere of consequence.
  9. AmmoTech90

    what would you bring?

    Everything is LPO these days.
  10. AmmoTech90

    what would you bring?

    I have worn nitrile gloves a lot. A lot. Keeping your hands dry is the last thing they do if you are using your hands. Even if you aren't using you hands over a period of time.
  11. AmmoTech90

    Happy New Year 2024

    Happy New Year everyone! All the best in 2024.
  12. AmmoTech90

    Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays.
  13. AmmoTech90

    Infantry Vehicles

    It would be fine over open ground. But look in the background, there's a bunch of folks controlling it. That was the main job out the no2 on an IED team when the pedsco was deployed. We had a big, thick tether. They laid out in a specific pattern and made sure it went out and was recovered...
  14. AmmoTech90

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    The trial was in 2001/2 and done with the Brits alongside Javelin. Javelin won the trial. I was on that trial. Javelin won. Did I mention Javelin won?
  15. AmmoTech90

    Infantry Vehicles

    I've used ROVs with a 100m tether, copper stranded, coax, and fibre optic. They require a lot of babying in an environment that isn't torn up by combat. When an automatic spool was available it was great until you had to turn a corner or move around a vehicle, or lamp post. Never mind doing a...
  16. AmmoTech90

    Climate disasters will be part of defence update as strains grow, minister says

    We used to run three tiers of CBRN response training to all levels of government and types of first responders. The first course was online, the second was at their location and DRDC Suffield would send trainers. The third was live agent, scenario based training in Suffield. These courses...
  17. AmmoTech90

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    No And what are the consequences for not following Rideau Hall's regulations with regard to regular decorations?