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  1. upandatom

    VAC wait times

    IT is much faster, as doctors realise, VAC pays them for their time. So Instead of just having their normal paycheque via the forces, civilian doctors treat and diagnose issues much faster then Mil. It also has alot to do with the thank you for your service mentality. Civilian doctors are...
  2. upandatom


    So in short, I have two Permanent and Severe disabilities. Totalling over 100%. Mental health (x2 personnel) and my CM are coming to the decision,(along with myself) that working is no longer a viable option. I work high stress, management, and hearing is a requirement and I am at 33% hearing...
  3. upandatom

    VAC wait times

    Insurance companies are not hindered with red tape and politics. I am curious as to how many employees of VAC are actually working on files and applications. I am certain that they could of enticed a few adjustors from insurance companies to jump the fence with all that unused VAC money from...
  4. upandatom

    Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation

    It is because they are lumping in the CIA into the APSC. So any CIA applications are being pushed into that as well. I have a CIA grade assessment from APR 2018 still in adjudication. My Case Manager is MIA, so the intake recommended I throw another one in, copy paste the data from one to the...
  5. upandatom

    Over 100%

    Hi- Some background, Ill put the numbers out too. 1. PTSD 65 2. Knees combined 20% 3. Hearing 9% 4. Hip 5% 5. Tinnitus 10% Hearing VRAB entitlement level was just passed putting me at 109% Still in progress- Back Hearing Reassessment Both my back(initial application, running since 2015)...
  6. upandatom

    VAC wait times

    Teager is correct, kind of, I have one in, however they are still processing CIA from 2018 as well.
  7. upandatom

    VAC Return to Lifetime Pensions Discussion

    Sorry I missed the supplement part, The supplement part is a top up, and was taxable. Im not sure where that went in the shuffle.
  8. upandatom

    VAC Return to Lifetime Pensions Discussion

    Yes, CIA is equivalent too APSC
  9. upandatom

    VAC Return to Lifetime Pensions Discussion

    CIA was taxable, CIA turned into APSC, APSC and IRB are unrelated. PSC, is the monthly "Pension" TAX FREE APSC is the stipend that recognizes permanent and severe conditions limiting work. $500, $1000, $1500, dependent on severity APSC is TAX FREE IRB, PSC and APSC are supposed to be...
  10. upandatom

    CPC Leadership Discussion 2020-21

    Card Carrying members will get mail- in that there will be a option form, who is running, and you number top to bottom. That is how it as handled in the past.
  11. upandatom

    Western Alienation - Split from General Election 2019

    It is their right though, they are responsible to their province. They have to fight for their constituents.
  12. upandatom

    General Election: Oct 21, 2019

    NAIL on the head We need Fiscal responsibility, lack of corruption, and proven progressive thinking.
  13. upandatom

    CPC Leadership Discussion 2020-21

    Card Carry CPC Member here, The party is sick, IT needs a major clean up. Someone typed earlier, they need to get back to center. CPC shouldnt be preaching religion, and having a hardline religious leader was not going to work out well. Charisma, was lacking, desperately. Scheer was a...
  14. upandatom

    Western Alienation - Split from General Election 2019

    I have to disagree on that claim. Quebec has such a weak claim because it relies upon the handout from federal government. We will be on oil for the long term foreseeable future. Quebecs logging and Maple Syrup export, wont be able to support the social programs in itself. Alberta could prove...
  15. upandatom

    Western Alienation - Split from General Election 2019

    Does the UN not require landlocked countries to have access to tidal waters? Well those that at least are part of the UN? As ancient and stubborn as it is? Besides, they would just run the pipe straight south and sell direct to US, or purchase a pipeline there. Remember the US wants to make...
  16. upandatom

    Mefloquine (a.k.a Lariam) anti-malarial in CF use (merged)

    This is quite an interesting read. I went to SL in 2009, span of three weeks, and then Congo. I was ordered to take Mefloquine. Was not instructed about the side effects. I was in Tampa Bay on a TAV three weeks before departing. I was absolutely mind blown. I had the most vivid dreams and...
  17. upandatom

    VAC wait times

    It really isn't, I work in IT as a career. Its an ancient outdated system, I mean as in early 2000s is when what they are using was developed. I can write on a whiteboard for weeks as to how to improve it, new additions new ideas. I know people say "its not healthy, or good to be stressed over...
  18. upandatom


    Apparently it is on a different system, and not connected to MyVac, so you may never see it leave stage one and just receive a letter one day..... :facepalm:
  19. upandatom

    VAC Error

    Any word on how it went? I still have nothing on my end.
  20. upandatom

    VAC Entitlement Policy Change

    Exactly what I am after, I just want them to acknowledge medical conditions. That way if anything comes back, or any changes in the future, I have all my ducks in a row. Still ongoing and waiting, currently at 14 Months for the Departmental review, that shows a DSHL of over 325, which makes it...