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  1. rotrhed

    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    CAP 437 from the UK Civil Aviation Authority may provide some insight into merchant vessel flight decks and markings. https://www.helidecks.net/app/download/1478859/cap437+Offshore+Helicopter+Landing+Areas+-+Guidance.pdf Chapter 3 goes into physical characteristics, with 3.8 discussing the...
  2. rotrhed

    New RCAF Command Badge?

    Sounds like they've resurrected part (or all) of the pre-68 RCAF ceremonial dress. Buttons and bows debate aside, the fancy belt and boards (with or without sword) was a simple way of snazzing up the officer uniform for those extra-special moments.
  3. rotrhed

    New RCAF Command Badge?

    The birds on the RAF, RAAF and RNZAF badges are all gold so the RCAF having a gold eagle maintains tradition. Our silver (pearl grey?) ranks and wing colours are similar as well. The silver buttons and new command badge are a rough combo (don't know why didn't stick with fake brass buttons)...
  4. rotrhed

    New RCAF Command Badge?

    Got a look at the new badge today.  It's essentially the central device of the new RCAF badge with the motto, maple leaves and crown removed, leaving the eagle's wings extending outward from the blue circle on either side.  Similar size and colour as the old Air Command chicken in a basket badge...
  5. rotrhed

    Supp res to primary res CT

    Was RegF for 22.5 yrs then Supp Res for almost 4 yrs. Applied for a Class A PRes position in Feb 15, signed the paperwork in Jul 15. The multi-step "initial applicant - pilot" medical slowed things down (out more than 2 yrs so needed a newbie off the street med despite having 22+ yrs previous...
  6. rotrhed

    New RCAF Command Badge?

    No murmurs in 1 CAD...yet. Can you post a pic when you have in hand? Curious to see what this thing looks like. Then again, if you've been ordered to get it by 1 Sep, chances are it won't be in the system until mid-next year.  ;)
  7. rotrhed

    "War-era bomber to be part of new RCAF flying badges"

    Once upon a time, the Army wore "gloomy grey" as well, so resurrected Observer wings in the 'new' colour wouldn't be a stretch. Who knows, maybe the Army para crowd will want to go back to the future as well!  ;)
  8. rotrhed

    Naval Combat Dress (NCD) uniform [Merged]

    And don't forget, the RCAF is switching from light blue background badges to the dark blue (black) background badges! So all those soon to be surplus RCN SSIs will start filtering down to AF supply and we can take our tunics in again for some sewing. Why you ask?  Even the tailor doesn't know...
  9. rotrhed

    New RCAF Command Badge?

    Caught a snippet of conversation today just as I was leaving work about an email going around spreading word about a new RCAF command badge. I didn't have time to read or process the entire thing but the email seemed to suggest this badge would be worn on the tunic and SS shirt. Don't know if it...
  10. rotrhed

    New RCN Command Badge?

    Argh...the Public Register through the GG! I should know that! :facepalm: Thanks for the link!  :salute:
  11. rotrhed

    New RCN Command Badge?

    Hey sailors, the official info machine says you guys have a new command badge as of last summer. And it would suggest, like everything else, what's old is new. Can't seem to find an example online (one would think the RCN site would feature it but perhaps my googke-fu is weak). Does anyone have...
  12. rotrhed

    RCAF Leather Jacket (merged discussion and mocking)

    Anyone want to bet that the replacement system won't be fully available by 1 Jul 17? Almost 2(?) years since the introduction of the new rank and badges, many of us still only have one pair of dress slip ons due to shortages. And the vast majority of personnel under LCol/Col are still wearing...
  13. rotrhed

    Marathon Medium Diver with 8 Straps

    Price dropped to $600 OBO. Want it gone to fund other pursuits so try an offer!
  14. rotrhed

    Marathon Medium Diver with 8 Straps

    Canadian-made Marathon Medium Diver (Quartz) from March 2014: 36mm diameter, 13mm thick, 18mm strap (specs available online from marathonwatch.com). Comes with everything pictured. Unaltered and gently worn over the past couple of years now being offered as I've moved on to a TSAR. Straps...
  15. rotrhed

    Canadian Army gets a new flag (2016)

    Indeed. Looks like someone went full auto with MS Paint and couldn't stop themselves. Horrible.
  16. rotrhed

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    I struggle with this. A lot. I've been a member of my hometown RCL for over 20 years, even though I now live about 4 hours away. While I was in the CF full-time, having a membership there was mutually convenient. It's a small, rural MB branch that needs all the help it can get. The 'old' vets...
  17. rotrhed

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    Editted to remove article. Suggest taking a look on the National Post website for an article about an 82 year old lady recently bounced from the RCL for raising a stir over Dominion Command financial and travel practices, as well as conduct at her own rural MB branch.
  18. rotrhed

    WTS: Norgon Ambi Mag Release

    For sale:  Norgon ambi release...one of the bits you'll need if you're turning your SA20 into a C7A2 look-alike. Bought, installed, removed, offered for sale. $165 shipped to the majors; a bit more if you're well off the beaten path. EMT preferred. Thanks for your interest.
  19. rotrhed

    Shearwater Old Runway 16H/34H Recent News

    Thanks Baz. Jay here. When I came back in 2005, I think the trials with the USN had just come to an end and SCTF/SCF was just ramping up. Then it was dead. Couldn't remember which building had suddenly become surplus. At least the ARC210 was a somewhat useful legacy. ;)