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  1. Rheostatic

    First Aid / CPR training and certification

    Right from the MPRR, alongside some other civilian certifications: LICENCES and CERTIFICATES    ISSUED BY First Aid - Standard        St John Ambulance But yes there is a military component which my be required for your purposes. For example, I had a BMQ candidate who was absent from first...
  2. Rheostatic

    First Aid / CPR training and certification

    If you don't already have the certification, then I agree with Kratz; you should go through the CAF to get the training. If you already have the Standard First Aid certification and it's still valid, then yes you can have it recognized and added to your MPRR.
  3. Rheostatic

    New Cadpat

    The same photo is turning up in briefings by senior Army CWOs. This is what the Army's getting instead of multicam, apparently.
  4. Rheostatic

    NES while waiting for med release

    In my experience, sometimes the Orderly Room will identify people as candidates for NES without talking to the members' chain of command. It might be worth getting your chain involved; an email from your boss to the Orderly Room might be all it takes to solve this problem.
  5. Rheostatic

    Proper Use of Post-Nominals

    PMI operates in Canada. Also the certification would not have come from his civilian employer, but rather from PMI itself.  I have met plenty of PMP-certified CAF members, but Blackadder1916 is right, It depends on context. The XO of HMCS Whatever probably has no good reason to identify...
  6. Rheostatic

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    Got a link you can share?
  7. Rheostatic

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    These guys are advertising the Altberg Defender as CANFORGEN 127/18-Compliant, which is nice to see. https://rampartcorp.com/collections/boots/products/bootforgen?variant=13590965190767 Hopefully we'll start seeing product details that show compliance with the CAF temperature and sole...
  8. Rheostatic

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    Since during phase 1 we have to confirm that the boots meet the four criteria listed in the CANFORGEN, I think it would be helpful to have a list of the boots that are confirmed to be compliant (to save us all from repeating the work). For example, I have someone who wants to buy a pair of...
  9. Rheostatic

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Interesting, thanks!
  10. Rheostatic

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Would you care to elaborate on this?
  11. Rheostatic

    New RCAF Command Badge?

    Is this meant to include CIC?
  12. Rheostatic

    Amiens 1918

  13. Rheostatic

    CAF Combat boots policy 2005-2018

    In case, like me, you're curious what OCFC2 means: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/business-defence-acquisition-guide-2015/joint-and-other-systems-517.page
  14. Rheostatic

    MATA and PATA ( Parental Leave )

    OK, in practice, is that how extended parental leave is currently being handled, using "leave for other purposes"?
  15. Rheostatic

    Public Dress Standards: Headphones on the bus

    Maybe the LCol was in a teleconference? :)
  16. Rheostatic

    MATA and PATA ( Parental Leave )

    Thanks. Basically the CANFORGEN says, no change until the policies are updated. QR&O 16.27 still reads "(4) (Period of Leave) The period of parental leave is up to... a period of 37 weeks", and for Class A reserve members, QR&O 9.10 reads "(3) (Period of Exemption) The period of exemption from...
  17. Rheostatic

    MATA and PATA ( Parental Leave )

    Have there been any changes to CAF parental leave periods and benefits since the 2017 introduction of "Extended parental benefits" to the federal employment insurance program? Or, is it still limited to 37 weeks within the first year?
  18. Rheostatic

    CANFORGEN 168/18 (aka PATCHFORGEN) [Merged]

    Well I guess nothing would surprise me at this point.