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  1. bigwig

    AAR- Ex Maple Guardian/CMTC

    I was also on this ex and I must say it was a huge disapointment. CMTC needs to sort a lot of things out because this just ins't good enough for what our troops need for afghanistan. I talked to a lot of the guys that were on it and they all feel the same as i do. The potential is there for it...
  2. bigwig

    LAV III Roll-Over, 02 Mar 06, 6 Injuried and 2 Dead

    Its definitely a sad day for Canada and even more so here in Shilo. Knowing the soldiers involved really hits close to home. Thoughts and prayers...
  3. bigwig

    Unit Choice Questions

    Unless you have a family reason to go to Edmonton and not Shilo, they're just going to laugh at you and tell you to go where they put you. I tried putting in memo's when I was in BIQ and SQ and they didn't get me anywhere. P.S. Shilo isn't that bad  :)
  4. bigwig

    Ex PHOENIX RAM - Brigade Training Event 2005 (BTE 05) in Wainwright

    hahaha. I was the number one on the 84 when you guys attacked six hills that day. It turned into a mass cas pretty quick ;)
  5. bigwig


    Everyone wants to go 3VP when they're in battle school because you might get the chance to jump. You might get lucky and have the entire BIQ go to 3VP. The BIQ thats goin on right now is going 1VP, the one before that went to 2nd and the one before that went to 3rd. So the regiment usually does...
  6. bigwig

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    lip gloss and black - atreyu 44 caliber love letter - alexisonfire unholy confessions - avenged sevenfold punched in the nose - boys night out pull out  - death from above the after dinner payback - from autumn to ashes deadbolt - thrice
  7. bigwig

    BMQ/SQ weapons training?

    Yeah the 84 is definatly gone from SQ. We fired it in BIQ but only got to shoot the TP RAP rounds. Its kind of a shame that we can't see the full effect of an actual HEAT round  on that course. Oh yeah we fired 2 sub cal 7.62 rounds out of it too.
  8. bigwig


    Wow you think you have it bad. I was on BIQ in wainwright and we were lucky enough to get our weekend off. I went to Edmonton with a buddy of mine and i got jumped by some asian gang punks. They were wearing rings so when the punches landed they cut real good. I received 5 stitches to the chin...
  9. bigwig

    This Summer's SQ+BIQ at the Meaf!

    Im starting my BIQ on may 9th and theres another one starting a few weeks after but their doing their BIQ in Shilo. I guess WATC is gonna be a little full this summer and all us FNG PPCLI guys just finishing BIQ are all going to 2nd Battalion in Shilo, but of course we havn't been given any...
  10. bigwig

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    Oh no the best is when the PSP staff makes you stay in squad position and push up position for certain ammounts of time. I swear those PSP staff guys think theyre god... The most push ups you will do is for not pissing off your instructors (because they have to do them with you) Its when u piss...
  11. bigwig

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    hey boys! its goin good here so far. dont get all worked up ok, its not as hard as hard as everyone thinks it is/ as long as you just do what your told, and dont take what the instructors say to heart...your fine. everyone here is cool. me shuleav, mavrick and chris lapoint and good buds and...
  12. bigwig


    Heres a small list of my favorites. Im generally into the classics and alot of new punk that never gets aired on the radio or TV. I also like some ska... everything really. Bigwig Alexisonfire Boys Night Out Sublime Billy Talent Zeppelin Hendrix Brand New Thrice Refused Bouncing Souls Suicide...
  13. bigwig

    Just got sworn in... what to expect at BMQ?

    Oh man this is gonna be good! Ill look around for us guys on the message board because we need to kill 2 hours, might as well get to know eatchother since we're gonna be sharing a fox hole in a little bit ;D See ya at Pearson!
  14. bigwig

    Just got sworn in... what to expect at BMQ?

    Yes Oshawa is right beside Whitby. I was supposed to get it done in Toronto but the recruiter said some people were on strike or were protesting or something along those lines outside of the building... so they put me in Oshawa (which is better because thats where i live anyways). There was 13...
  15. bigwig

    Just got sworn in... what to expect at BMQ?

    ah crap theres already a thread for this.... sorry moderators  :-[ too excited, i had to tell someone lol
  16. bigwig

    Just got sworn in... what to expect at BMQ?

    Hey guys. I just got back in from getting sworn in at the Oshawa armouries. Im so happy Im finally where I am right now and I cant wait for BMQ on Nov. 2nd. tons of paper work though! Our plane leaves on the 31st (halloween) at 11:00 and I just wanted to know who all was going to be there and...
  17. bigwig

    St.Jean's In January

    Ill be graduating  BMQ on the 27th of January. Hope to see ya there!
  18. bigwig

    Some advice and a question

    For my grip test my right hand was slightly stronger than my left hand and the recruiter said "all those times alone at night finally payed off eh!" LOL all of the guys (including me) got a good chuckle out of that. But seriously the grip test isn't anything to worry about, I'm pretty sure...
  19. bigwig

    Incredible New Armour (Video)

    Very impressive!
  20. bigwig

    7 Oct TO Sun's letters to the Editor....

    I don't think it would change a damn thing if we got rid of her, other than save the Country money.