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  1. Barts

    Are aircraft carriers obsolete?

    I can see some serious infrastructure issues with this argument.  In 1991, the US flew bombing sorties from North America to attack targets in Iraq.  That part of the concept works fine. The total flying time for that mission? 35 hours.  That's fine in a multi-crew aircraft, where crews can...
  2. Barts

    Joining Instructions - SUEP vs ROTP

    L0035E for me.  We'll be in sister platoons. How's the trade distribution in your course?  We have only 2 combat arms, but 13 air ops...
  3. Barts

    Joining Instructions - SUEP vs ROTP

    Affirmative (note I said pay advance) CEEBEE, what you will have received is an advance on your TD, which is different.  All I was saying was don't count on the cash handout mentioned in the JIs, as we don't get it.
  4. Barts

    Joining Instructions - SUEP vs ROTP

    SUEP is a plan for PRes NCMs going to Officer. As you're ROTP, all of your academics is handled by SEM in Borden (CFLRS doesn't care) so no transcripts required Your pay, since you've been in for a year, is all handled at your home unit (CFLRS can't even touch it) so unless you haven't been...
  5. Barts

    Leave Policy – Annual (time off, after hours, ect...) [Merged]

    The Leave Policy Manual covers your exact situation in section 5.6 But if that fails... Find any unit you can contact, because EWAT doesn't need to be related to your trade. I've known a pilot working in a supply warehouse and seen an infantry officer working with cadets in Whitehorse - both...
  6. Barts

    ROTP pays for......???

    Did you read the post immediately before yours?
  7. Barts

    ROTP 2010-2011

    IAP is no longer done.  BMOQ is 15 weeks, and starts in May (for the summer serials) You'll go for a short introductory course this summer, then the full-meal-deal next summer.
  8. Barts

    ROTP 2010-2011

    I'm pretty sure in any case you'd still be eligible for ARTY, I haven't seen any stated degree requirements for that trade. If there's no stated requirement for DEO, then ROTP should be the same. If you are offered/assigned CONSTR ENGR, you'll either have to switch to a compatible degree, or...
  9. Barts

    ROTP 2010-2011

    Maybe I can help a bit. (although I'm starting to edge out of my lane here) ARTY has no apparent specific degree requirement (other than having one) LOG has a list of 'preferred' degrees, not 'required' ones CONSTR ENGR requires the BEng or BSc in whatever applied sciences Unless specifically...
  10. Barts

    All Things Negligent Discharge (merged)

    We did the same trick on course (Summer 2009) with boot bands while we were in the shacks. The only time we were within 10 feet of our bolts was during weapons classes/handling test and while out in Farnham.  The only time we could practice with the complete system on our own time for...
  11. Barts

    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    You're looking at #2 end-on (blade is pointing AT you) The tip is yellow. To recreate this effect, you can paint your fingernail yellow, then point at your eye...    >:D
  12. Barts

    Paid vacation

    Left coast is the same.
  13. Barts

    ROTP 2010-2011

    Have you not decided whether you'll attend university? Isn't that cutting it a bit close?  ::) Think of it as a backup plan, and consider eventualities.  You may get subsidized for RMC, or Civi U, or not.  Are you willing to go to Civi U? With or without subsidization? Case a: You get offered...
  14. Barts

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    (They're not the same thing) Do you want to start with driving armoured vehicles? or Do you want to start with LEADING people who drive armoured vehicles? My tip is to focus on doing well in school for now, so that if you try the officer route, you stand a chance at being competitive. Not to...
  15. Barts

    If a pie in the face is terrorism... what's this?

    More from CTV.ca.  I can't see any legitimacy to what this organized group of anarchists (how can that make sense?) is doing. I'm not sure how pushing newspaper boxes down the street like sleds, or inserting them in plate glass windows = standing up for people's rights. But on a lighter note...
  16. Barts

    ROTP 2010-2011

    Dou You: Don't be completely crushed yet.  Selections will continue until all of the positions are filled (ie. you could get a call in August, if someone backs out) but worst case right now is you don't make it this year. You weren't told you were "unsuitable for employment", you just didn't...
  17. Barts

    CAN Officer Returns to AFG With Artificial Leg

    I was very inspired as a youth (and still) by his determination.  Not too many double amputees escaped from POW camps...  I highly reccomend reading his biography. He happened to be CO of a Canadian Sqn, too, as he moved up through the ranks.
  18. Barts

    Slick shotgun tricks

    I'm guessing that as an "Exibition" (sic) shooter, it's more than a hobby. It may be his job. Although I am sure they could have spent some of that ammo budget on a decent spell-check if they're producing a product video... (0:32)
  19. Barts

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    This is what I see (arrow added for emphasis and clarity)
  20. Barts

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    There must be a problem with my browser then, because when I opened the previously posted link: http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dgcb-dgras/ps/pay-sol/pr-sol/rfncmr-mrfr-eng.asp it showed a Spec 1 Cpl making $8025 monthly at IPC 1.  I just checked again, and it still does. Please don't get me...