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    Electrical Generation Systems Tech

    Hi. I know all about the details of the Electrical Distribution Techs. Can someone give me an idea of the job they have done as an EGS Tech? It is my understanding that I may get a call for generation first, even though I want distribution. A thorough description of the job may help! Thanks...
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    Trade Choices

    Good Evening! I have been told "off the record" that I will be receiving a call soon in regards to an offer. My first two choices are: Electrical Distribution Tech and then Electrical Generation Systems Tech. The offer I will be given is for my number two choice. At the beginning of this...
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    What book are you reading now?

    Excellent novel. Amazing author.
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    Electrical Distribution Technician ( EDT )

    Thank you for the information! Very appreciated. Just waiting on the call for BMQ.
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    Electrical Distribution Technician ( EDT )

    Hello! Applied for the Electrical Distribution Tech trade and was interested to see if anyone else had applied or is currently enrolled! Would love to pick your brain!