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  1. Varps

    Aug 2008 BMQ - ALL LOCATIONS

    Hey everyone! I got the call the other day after a year of hard work to get passed some red tape!!!!! I swear in on the 30th and I start BMQ august 4th!!! See you all there! => Varpalotai, H TECH
  2. Varps

    Hull Tech

    I just went back to night school and finished my advanced grade 10 math, grade 11 physics with high 90% averages. I'm up for the challenges ;) My current job, a monorail/conveyor installer/tech in clothing warehousing (yes, it does exist) is pretty nutty on the numbers front.
  3. Varps

    Hull Tech

    Hello! Well, my application is in and I've got my interview/med test coming up in a few weeks and I thought I'd try to get a little more info on the H TECH trade. H TECH is the 2nd choice I'm going for, NWT being first. I'm very interested in pretty much anything involved in fabrication of all...
  4. Varps

    Anybody wants info on any of the Techs trades (NET/NWT)?

    Hey gunner. My application is going in at the end of January, once I receive some papers from school and I'm going for NWT. It interests me the most and a good buddy of mine, a sonor op, keeps telling me how cool of a trade it seems to be. My question is, what is the progression to officer...
  5. Varps

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    I agree. Very well put.
  6. Varps

    Future sailor.

    Hey jazzyo410! I'm in the same boat as you (well...not yet anyway....;). I'm finishing some studies to get in as a NW TECH, or MAR ENG MECH. You might want to check this out. http://forums.navy.ca/forums/threads/34712.0.html I've found many good tips there for training. Also, have you been to...
  7. Varps

    BMQ week 6.

    Hey Josh, CONGRADZ!!!! Question... How is the initial training for running/jogging? Do you start BMQ running 5Km every second day, or did they work you up gradually? What are the actual time limits (if any) for your routine jogs in comparison to the standard fitness level requirements? I'm...
  8. Varps

    Naval Weapons Tech

    Thanks for the replys c2nwt. Does getting in as a QL3 mean getting equivalent qualifications outside the military? As in getting an electro-mechanical engineering tech certificate on my own? This is a route that I was not quite aware of. Thanks.
  9. Varps

    Naval Weapons Tech

    I just spoke to my recruiter. They'll be going through applications in february '08. Only applicants with the best grades will be considered for this trade and the NCSTTP. If accepted (man, I hate the word IF...) My BMQ will be scheduled as best as possible to allow me to start courses in Nflnd...
  10. Varps

    Naval Weapons Tech

    Thank you c2nwt. I will definitely do my very best to get into the NCSTTP. I am completing the pre requisite courses at the moment (math 436 and physics 534) and have all the rest of my grade 12 classes, plus 27 college credits from a sound engineering program I graduated last year. I have...
  11. Varps

    Naval Weapons Tech

    Hello to all. I'm new to this forum and I have picked up many tips so far. Thanks, it seems pretty awesome. I'm in the process of getting some pre requisite classes to enlist as a naval weapons tech. I'm doing math 436 and physics at the moment, I'll be done in december and my application will...