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  1. Kamikaze1655

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Is this course cocked up like BMQ or is it relaxed?
  2. Kamikaze1655

    What's your background?

    Palestinian. Family escaped in 1948 and have lived in Jordan ever since. Immigrated to Canada 10 years ago. While it makes me sad I have never been in my home country I am a proud Canadian.
  3. Kamikaze1655

    Packing a Ruck

    I was wondering, am I able to wear my full fighting order whenever I practice ruckmarching? If not can I wear the boots, cadpat pants , and brown shirt or do I have to be in civies?
  4. Kamikaze1655

    Military ID Picture

    Hi guys, I am going to have my picture taken on Friday for my ID. I still do not have my uniform yet and was wondering what to show up in ( civilian casual or formal). Also, do I have to get a military haircut for it? Thanks,
  5. Kamikaze1655

    Total amount that Reservists make in a year

    Thanks for the info all. On a side note, my enrollment ceremony is next Wednesday    ;D
  6. Kamikaze1655

    Total amount that Reservists make in a year

    So I have been looking around, but I cannot find sold information on what the total amount of money a reservist makes in a year. So if your just starting out, how much would you make if you parade 4 times a month for 10 months then you get a full month of BMQ?
  7. Kamikaze1655

    Total amount that Reservists make in a year

    Hello guys. I was wondering how much money a reservist makes in one year ( 4 training weeknights and weekend training for a month)? Would this add up to 10,000?
  8. Kamikaze1655

    References Superthread [Merged]

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could chose to decide if you want the recruiters to contact your previous employer. The thing is, I used to work at McDonalds and then just never showed up again. Should I include it or completely omit that? Secondly, do I have to list all four references? Much...
  9. Kamikaze1655

    Officer occupations – Which one should I choose?

    Hello guys, Should I order my official high school transcript now or when I have finished the exams in Grade 10? The thing is that I need my class schedule and transcript signed and stamped by the guidance counselor but she would not be available because school would be done. Any ideas?
  10. Kamikaze1655

    Jetstream (tv show)

    You watched this on youtube? I cant seem to find it can you please provide the links?
  11. Kamikaze1655

    How to get family on board

    On a side note here, I just have a question regarding joining the reserves at 16. I am currently 15 with  a couple of months left until I finish Grade 10. Can I start my application process now and as soon as I complete Grade 10 I can just training? Much appreciated.
  12. Kamikaze1655


    Thanks guys. I guess I can be flexible with them
  13. Kamikaze1655


    Since I am a Muslim, I am required to pray 5 times a day at different times. Will I have enough time to do them during BMQ?
  14. Kamikaze1655

    Canada's New (Conservative) Foreign Policy

    I am not indoctrinated. I do realize that there are some wrongs commited also by my people. The only real solution is the two state solution. But Isreal is not helping with those illegal settlements  and oppresion which is  quite similar to Nazi Germany. Rather than criticizing those illegal...
  15. Kamikaze1655

    Canada's New (Conservative) Foreign Policy

    This Pro-Isreali makes me sick. Hopefully It will wane when the Liberals take power, but then again I don't think it will be much different. ( I am a Palestinian)
  16. Kamikaze1655

    Reservist Training

    I see. Thanks guys.
  17. Kamikaze1655

    Reservist Training

    Alot of factors like what, if you don't mind answering
  18. Kamikaze1655

    Reservist Training

    Alright, I have two questions regarding training for the reserves: 1. Do reservists get to train abroad and take part in international exercises? 2. Can reservists specialize in their occupation? (i.e Infantry- Pathfinder, Eryx Gunner)
  19. Kamikaze1655

    Is it worth it?

    I plan on staying with the Army Cadets for 5 month until I move into the Reserves