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  1. pegged

    Best ammunition for M1 Garand

    Milsurp's are beautiful. My two favorite guns are my M1 and my Enfield No4mk1. Got my 1911 in the mail yesterday  ;D Here's my M1. '43 Winchester with a 59 date VAR barrel. It looks much better than in the pics, my camera's strange at times.
  2. pegged

    Your Favorite piece of Issue Gear

    I'm going to say my Goretex socks. Every time I went to the field in SQ, weather it was target designation, GRITS, the ranges, it rained. Everyone else had wet feet except my buddy and I. Boots dried, didn't have to change socks until the next day it was great. Luckily it didn't rain on our...
  3. pegged

    Standard Personal Weapon in the CF?

    The C8 works well for Urban Warfare too, we used them in training this past weekend.
  4. pegged

    New Videos of Foreign Soldiers go here....

    My thoughts too Infanteer  :o
  5. pegged

    New Videos of Foreign Soldiers go here....

    New I think, it's not the same one as the other thread. 10 sec commercial before it plays. After doing some intense FIBUA training (Ex Black Bear) this past weekend, really opens my eyes even more to Iraq...
  6. pegged

    Ignorant Civies

    McG the thing is though is the civies that ask are those type that think our entire Army is over there. Not just a few soldiers here and there, with the Brits or whatever. That's why the question is really annoying. They just assume things like if a guy's in the Army, then he'll be going to...
  7. pegged

    Ignorant Civies

    Personally, I think the "Are you going to Iraq?" question is the worst. That really shows how much people watch the ******* news (pardon my language). I've been asked it many times, not in jest either.
  8. pegged

    Ignorant Civies

    Let's see, where to begin with this one... "Are you going to Iraq?" - serious question, multiple times. I've been called a cadet, and a scout, while in uniform. (some chick with her boyfriend walked by two others and myself and said something along the lines of "What are they, scouts? Look...
  9. pegged

    Hazing in the armed forces

    Your parents don't know what they're talking about. General concern of parents, along with everything else they get concerned about, just join lol.
  10. pegged

    Joining UK Armed Forces

    Sort of a rant, but that kind of attitude pisses me off. I think that's a total bullshit excuse, the whole lacking equipment and funds. You obviously have no idea what is involved in being a soldier in our army. If you go into it with a mind like that, you will miss everything going on around...
  11. pegged

    T.V's in Reserve messes

    Yea I admit the T.V. was nice during the games, Michael. I don't generally go into the other room where the TV is, but I did the other night to watch the training from the weekend before, and a British SAS thing.
  12. pegged

    Online Computer games[Actually All Things Gaming]

    CoD:UO, Half-Life (Day of Defeat, CS, and CS:Source), Tom Clancy's R6: Ravenshield (good game!!), BF1942 (Desert Combat mainly), used to play Vietcong until it stoppe working. I'm super insane about realism in games. I did not like the original CoD, it was an SMG spam fest, like no one used...
  13. pegged

    Canadian Army Reservist on Shooting Spree - in uniform

    He should have used blanks, like all us Reservists do, hit anyone from any range.  ;D
  14. pegged

    Pronouncing Carbine?

    Also along the lines of pronouncing...Liberal or Lieberal. Sorry, I had to throw that in there =P. If it was out of line, then PT for me.
  15. pegged

    Iraq War videos

  16. pegged

    Four things you dont want to hear...

    It was our BMQ field ex and we were learning about blanks, safety with them, using the BFA properly, etc. The Sgt. came over to our gaggle formation and asked who wanted to fire blanks. 6-7 hands shot up, I was very reluctant, as we all know any time you're asked to do something fun, it's either...
  17. pegged

    C-13... when will they go?

    I threw 2 M67 Grenades on my SQ. The rest of the course did also, and some of the instructors too. They all went off.
  18. pegged

    Now Grits want $700M military cut

    October 16, 2004 The Toronto Sun Link Now Grits want $700M military cut By STEPHANIE RUBEC, OTTAWA BUREAU THE LIBERAL government is set to take an axe to the cash-strapped Canadian Forces' $13.2-billion budget. Revenue Minister John McCallum, who chairs the federal re-allocation...
  19. pegged

    Military songs?

    Here's a few common ones that I really like, even if American: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers Buffalo Springfield: For What It's Worth