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  1. yoman

    Short-staffed RCMP look at lifting ban on recruits with criminal records

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/rcmp-recruitment-gender-1.4954015 We can all sleep soundly at night now...
  2. yoman

    Short-staffed RCMP look at lifting ban on recruits with criminal records

    I agree, from what I’ve heard from someone who just finished the SDP it’s not like a PLQ. My point is that it seems as though things are slowly changing for the better in that the RCMP recognizes the need for some sort of leadership/supervisor/manager training.
  3. yoman

    Short-staffed RCMP look at lifting ban on recruits with criminal records

    SDP/MDP is what I was referring too.
  4. yoman

    Short-staffed RCMP look at lifting ban on recruits with criminal records

    The RCMP is slowly trying to change for the better but as Brihard said, we are operational 99% of the time so it isn’t easy to send people away on long career courses. The recent introduction of the NCO Development Courses is a step in the right direction. The RCMP doesn’t use the word...
  5. yoman

    Minimum RCMP service time

    Two years if you don’t want to owe the government any money.
  6. yoman

    Jeans & mass punishment? #2

    I see the great dress debate at RMC is continuing. During my time there the CoC instituted a policy that your off hour dress privaleges depended on what school year you were in: 1st years generally had to wear a uniform. 2nd years had to wear dress pants, dress shirt and a tie. 3 years were...
  7. yoman

    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    They are in Shearwater and they were on display during the announcement...
  8. yoman

    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    I've been hearing rumblings about it happening sooner rather than later...
  9. yoman

    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    The Change of Command was on May 22nd.
  10. yoman

    The utility of three military colleges, funded undergrad degrees; Officer trg & the need for a degre

    From the Code of College Conduct (otherwise known as CADWIN's at RMC) from when I was there. So in essence, the CADWIN's augment the CSD.
  11. yoman

    Living Off Base in Victoria after BMOQ

    Don't get your hopes up or anything because things change all the time but when I was at VENTURE a few years ago you were permitted to live off base during MARS training.  Even if you do have to live on base the accommodations at VENTURE are some of the best that I've had the pleasure (or...
  12. yoman

    MARS Course changes

    I went through the "old" MARS training system but I'll tell you what I know. NETPO, now MARS II, is still focused on the basics of being a sailor but with MARS twist to it. You'll learn basic Rules of the Road and a few other skills such as how to take a bearing properly. MARS III is now...
  13. yoman

    "Surface ships need more offensive punch", says expert (article on AD/AAW)

    I might be wrong on this but I don't believe the Mk 41 launcher can handle Harpoon missiles.
  14. yoman

    US Coasties To Serve on Royal Navy Frigates

    The Regulus program is alive and well. I myself spent 6 months on exchange with the Chilean Navy. Here's an article from Commander MARLANT about the program. http://www.navy-marine.forces.gc.ca/en/about/structure-marlant-admiral-view.page?doc=looking-into-the-regulus-program/hwriv1ry
  15. yoman

    RCMP union bid headed to Supreme Court

    Is your argument that because the members of one particular union choose to wear camo pants while on "strike" all police unions are bad? Granted, I know of other police unions in Quebec that have in the past encouraged their members to do the same but that is not a reflection of the majority of...
  16. yoman

    WiFi in Esquimalt Shacks?

    Your're likely staying in 1092 or the other older building. It's an old school 4 beds per room plus desks kinda building. There are common rooms in those buildings that have TV's in them.
  17. yoman

    WiFi in Esquimalt Shacks?

    Unfortunately, there's no wifi in the shacks. As was previously mentioned your best bet for wifi would be a nearby restaurant. In addition to the Timmies, there's a McDonald's and a Serious Coffee at the nearby strip mall that have wifi.
  18. yoman

    Navy thermals no longer available?

    IMHO the blue AF style thermals are much better then the old white ones.  :nod:
  19. yoman

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

  20. yoman

    Charge, command and control

    Here's the exact wording from MARCORD 4-15. The details about control are rather long and you'd best read them in the actual MARCORD.