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  1. rwgill

    Cadets Joining the Reserves - Can it be Both?

    Not that I agree or disgree: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/about-policies-standards-defence-admin-orders-directives-5000/5002-1.page
  2. rwgill

    Cadets in Maroon Berets??

    Here is an article about that specific Cadet Corps. http://www.canadianairborneforces.ca/pdf/1-CPB-Final-Issue-Part-1.pdf
  3. rwgill

    RCMS Banner Belt/Carrier

    Good Day, I work with a RCMS affiliated Army Cadet Corps.  On their wish list of new assets to acquire, they have listed new flag belts (aka carriers).  Does anyone here have a high quality image of the ones used by the RCMS?  I have seen some photos but never of the whole belt (since the focus...
  4. rwgill

    Surrey: Canadian military says no to 'Sikh cadet corps'

    The names of the units originate from religious affiliations AND sponsors.  The same can be said for any Cadet Corps that is named after a municipality that is named after a Saint.    2688 Bridgewater Kinsmen (sponsor) 2611 (inactive since 1996) was called Legion Canadienne de Grandmere, Corps...
  5. rwgill

    Surrey: Canadian military says no to 'Sikh cadet corps'

    Name and number (not UIC) of a Cadet Corps is assigned by the Army Cadet League of Canada. http://www.armycadetleague.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Policy-3.8-Forming-a-Cadet-Corps-Rev-Sep-2012.pdf However, IAW CATO 11-10, DND appears to be required to agree (although the only specific...
  6. rwgill

    More "Army" in Army Cadets (combat training, etc.)

    Grading CIC officers is not a League responsibility, it's a CF one.  Until recently, all CIC promotions and appointments required League approval.  Now, League approval is only required for enrollment of a new CIC officer (possibly transfer of a CIC officer to a LHQ establishment but nobody has...
  7. rwgill

    FS: CP Gear 64 Pattern Ruck CADPAT TW

    SOLD  Thanks :)
  8. rwgill

    FS: CP Gear 64 Pattern Ruck CADPAT TW

    I have a virtually brand new CP Gear 64 pattern ruck for sale in CADPAT TW. Ensemble includes: Frame ($45) Bag ($93) A7A Straps ($18) Sleeping Bag Straps ($12) Waist Belt ($54) Yoke ($49) Yoke Pad ($22) Valice ($64) Together, if purchased new from CP Gear, would cost +$350, plus taxes and...
  9. rwgill

    documentation for CIC wearing the highland dress

    For reference:
  10. rwgill

    Looking For: Special Edition EME or RCEME prints, perhaps Artist

    Thanks!  That's an awesome lead!!
  11. rwgill

    Looking For: Special Edition EME or RCEME prints, perhaps Artist

    Yah, OK, long title. The reviewing officer for a Cadet Corps ceremonial review is the Member of Parliament.  He is also a former EME officer. The CO is looking for a unique gift for the RO and a print is one of the ideas.  Any ideas on where I can get one? There was also an EME artist (Cpl...
  12. rwgill

    Cadet Instructor Cadre Centennial

    CADET INSTRUCTORS CADRE> BRANCH FLAG & CENTENNIAL SOUVENIR ITEMS Original Email message Nothing will be available until after the unveiling of the flag..............I checked. :(
  13. rwgill

    Quick Question

    That's 2804 Casselman, affiliated to 28 FD Amb.  I know them well;) Everyone already answered your question and they are correct. Upon enrollment however, 2804's cadets are issued the  RCAC cap badge.  They receive the CFMS badge halfway through the first training year.
  14. rwgill

    Wanted: Iltis Tires and Iltis Trailer

    Knowing where you are could make things easier. Check these guys out if you are in the Monteal area http://www.prefair.ca/products/?s=626
  15. rwgill

    Army Cadet Red Star Program materials - Comments?

    Somehow, I don't think so, but there isn't really anyway to tell.
  16. rwgill

    Army Cadet Red Star Program materials - Comments?

      I am trying to figure out how one can be teaching the Red Star program today, that only begins in Sep 2009. ???
  17. rwgill

    rank badge placement question

    Try here: http://www.cadets.net/support/cato-oaic/intro_e.asp?cato=55-04 There doesn't appear to be any specific measurement though ???
  18. rwgill

    Unit Shoulder Title Badges

    Grid North, What tartan do you wear?  There may be other sources for solutions to your kilt problem.
  19. rwgill

    Unit Shoulder Title Badges

    CF jacket, in all forms, was only authorized for a Cadet Chief Warrant Officer.  Is was never authorized for Pipe Bands or Highland Cadet Corps.  NOW, it not authorized for cadets in any shape or form. The cadet jacket can be easily modified without any real cost.
  20. rwgill

    Unit Shoulder Title Badges

      I suggest that you begin to pay attention to everything that is posted on CadetNet. a.Drill  b.Leadership c.Methods of Instruction d.Citizenship e.Physical Fitness f.Air Rifle Marksmanship . ALL of these are and always have been common for the three elements.  What has not been common is the...