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  1. AIC_2K5

    LFWA Summer Training Schedule

    Like all courses in the army, dates are tentative...
  2. AIC_2K5

    Cutting the CF/DND HQ bloat - Excess CF Sr Leadership, Public Servants and Contractors

    With the creation of this CJOC, I'm left wondering why DND is not implementing it in the way the report recommended? http://milnewsca.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/transform-appx1-annex-h.pdf On the proposed model towards the end of the link, it recommends combining Canada COM and CEFCOM into...
  3. AIC_2K5

    Counterinsurgency/COIN Literature & Discussion (merged)

    +1 Brihard...interesting points. I don't think he's suggested anything revolutionary. If anything, he's just trying to plug a role for the Marines in a time of declining defense budgets.
  4. AIC_2K5

    Turmoil in Libya (2011) and post-Gaddafi blowback

    Don't raise Libyan hopes with promise of intervention, Mackay says OTTAWA—Just how far will the world go to stop the bloodshed in Libya? Probably not as far as anti-government demonstrators in the country are calling for, said Defence Minister Peter MacKay. While the United Nations Security...
  5. AIC_2K5

    JTF-2/Airborne destined for land north of Trenton?

    http://www.intelligencer.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2985798 "One more land deal stands in the way of relocating the Canadian Forces' special forces unit Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) to CFB Trenton, QMI Agency has learned. National Defence Peter MacKay said Friday that negotiations with Quinte West...
  6. AIC_2K5

    The project to get Leopard 2 Armoured Engineering Vehicles for Canada

    If these hulls are in fact intended to be converted to AEVs as part of the Force Mobility Enhancement project, I find it odd that we are acquiring only 12 from the Swiss. FME lays out the procurement of 13 AEVs (with an option for 5 more) as well as 2 ARVs (with an option for another 2). So if...
  7. AIC_2K5

    Base closures?

    I've substantiated my reasoning in an earlier post. Simply creating an argument from the viewpoint of member morale for the sake of debate.
  8. AIC_2K5

    Base closures?

    Maintain the status quo. I accept that there are obvious challenges with picking up whole units and building new bases for them closer to urban centres. And I accept that when many of the larger rural army bases were first built, the upper management was primarily concerned about proximity to...
  9. AIC_2K5

    Base closures?

    On principle, probably not. I do still believe communities with nearby military bases have a greater connection with those units and, by extension, the CF as a whole. And then what about looking at the issue from a personnel welfare point of view? While there are many members who enjoy living...
  10. AIC_2K5

    Base closures?

    Agreed, but I think something needs to be said about having Reg F units near urban centres. I'm not saying we should move our CMBGs to downtown Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, but when troops stop by their local timmies, gas staitions, or grocery stores to or from work in a bigger city like...
  11. AIC_2K5

    Base closures?

    Jericho, anyone?
  12. AIC_2K5

    CLS: From Arid CADPAT to Snowshoes

    At least the CLS will be putting a greater emphasis on training in other complex environments:
  13. AIC_2K5

    TF Cdr Reports Self for Possible Accidental Discharge

    It's interesting to see that the media have got a hold of this. What's even more interesting is how rumors grow around this place. When word of this first came out it was a 5 round burst from a C7 through both doors of a spooled blackhawk and narrowly missing the CDS.  Latest word is that it...
  14. AIC_2K5

    CF Ordering 25K "Hybrid (Combat) Shirts"

    Nope, the internet browser here in-theatre is silly. It's overly sensitive and won't let you access some ordinary sites. Myspace, any sites with media sharing like youtube, obviously porn, even some forum sites. I'm surprised I can even access this site.
  15. AIC_2K5

    CF Ordering 25K "Hybrid (Combat) Shirts"

    Thanks for the links. The internet browser I'm on won't let me access them on account of them being 'personal storage.' I appreciate the effort.
  16. AIC_2K5

    CF Ordering 25K "Hybrid (Combat) Shirts"

    Much obliged. The files are too big, unfortunately.
  17. AIC_2K5

    CF Ordering 25K "Hybrid (Combat) Shirts"

    I said previously that I'd post pictures of the new issued OTW shirt. I can't seem to figure out how to upload pics that aren't on the internet...either army.ca doesn't have the option or I'm just too dense to figure it out. Sorry. Like I said, nearly identical to CP Gear OTW shirt but with...
  18. AIC_2K5

    CF Ordering 25K "Hybrid (Combat) Shirts"

    I've got a trial version, which I assume is similar if not identical to these ordered ones. I'll take pictures and post them when it gets back from the laundry. Think CP Gear OTW shirt, except flap - not zipper - pockets. These are issued, not the CP Gear ones which are quite popular. I...
  19. AIC_2K5

    Realistic expectations

    Don't worry, not everyone in the infantry has a tank body. There are many smaller dudes that get through their BFTs allright.