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  1. armourhopeful

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    I just recently got my OT to MSEOP, and I move over to BTL mid July. Anyone know of dates for upcoming QL3's? I've asked around at CSS and Base Transport, all I can gather is that I'll be going to Borden for 4 months and getting trained on some of the trade vehicles. Any other info is...
  2. armourhopeful

    DP1 Armour 2012

    Sorry for my "sucking-up", lol, I just heard from Ottawa that I might be in before April 3rd, so course dates are nice to know.  ;)
  3. armourhopeful

    DP1 Armour 2012

    Thanks George, your wisdom, as always, is much appreciated!
  4. armourhopeful

    DP1 Armour 2012

    After fruitless searching on CFB Gagetown's website for more info, I was unable to find any course dates for 2012. Any valid info on the topic is appreciated.  :)
  5. armourhopeful

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    If youre attending university, you might as well enroll in ROTP, and either complete your schooling civie side, or try and get into RMC. From what Ive heard theres more demand for armour officers than ncm's currently. Thats what I'd do in your position  :)
  6. armourhopeful

    Looking to get into armoured

    Getting your BMQ and SQ are certainly priorities, and your DP1 would certainly make you even more an asset. I put in a CT to armour a year and a half ago, and just recently had my interview. I'm going on my DP1 infantry this summer until it happens, as this whole thing might fall apart on me...
  7. armourhopeful

    Lord Strathcona's New Toys [Leopard 2A4M]

    Man its awesome to see some new tanks coming in, my friend tells me they've been  worth the wait. Hopefully these will open up some new positions.  Anyone know how long until all the A4M's have been delivered to each regiment?
  8. armourhopeful

    Armoured Soldier Open/Closed

    I applied for a CT to armour when I first joined the reserves. Ive been in for over a year now, got my BMQ and SQ, and I just heard only a few days ago about my upcoming interview. From those I've talked to in reg force armoured regiments, there really are only a few positions open at the...