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  1. dr.no

    Preparing for PT test

    "up two three, down two three, up two three, down two three, up two three, down two three, up two three, down two three." Get the picture? That's pretty much all it is, but it goes on and on and on... ;)
  2. dr.no

    The JAG TV show thread

    JAG is an amusing show, but most of the time the real comedy comes from when I start thinking "What if all CF personnel were as interesting as the JAG characters?"  ::) The infantry could use a few Catherines, though  ;)
  3. dr.no

    Belgian camouflage! no joke!

    Given a choice between the belgian or the american camo, I'd take the belgian in an instant. Not only does it look like it would blend in better, the velco neck of the american one looks like it could chafe. And the patches stick out. They sort of remind me of the Canadian cadpat after it's been...
  4. dr.no

    Boot cleaning / polishing / care of

    Whenever I shine my boots, no matter for how long, the right one always shines up more than the left one. Always. It's annoying, and my section IC knows that it happens and enjoys pointing it out :-[ not fun. Any tips on how I can fix this problem?
  5. dr.no

    Garter Crest-Should It be Our Hatbadge?

    I wear my cornflake with pride!  ;D
  6. dr.no

    Training Motivation

    I'm doing BMQ right now and find that an angry Sargeant yelling at me gives me motivation I never knew I had!  :P Aside from that, just get into a routine and stick to it. It's a lot of hard work (I know) but just picture that angry, angry sargeant, and things get easier.  :salute:
  7. dr.no

    Snipers in the Toronto Star today

    Maybe we should ask him if he can get Neo to join the CF. ;D
  8. dr.no


    Arg, I was just given two pairs af the MKIIIs as part of my kit and the soles don't look like they'd be that great on ice. Also, does anyone know if there are any problems with putting insoles in them? I am asking this because although the boots fit nicely (which is amazing- nothing fits me)...
  9. dr.no

    Reserve Force Infantry

    I was informed, 2 weeks ago, at my swearing in, that the army would pay half of my tuition up to $2000.
  10. dr.no

    Tac Vest Issue (when is it comming to a QM near you?)

    What is a tac vest? Very sorry if this is a dumb question, however I am very curious.
  11. dr.no

    Do they issue swimming trunks at basic or would I have to bring my own?

    Well, I wasn't issued swimtrunks, however I only got "the basics" (aka at least 100 lbs of random stuff ;)) If I do get swimtrunks eventually, I hope they're better than those "interestingly grey" sweatsuits. Oh, and what is a short arms inspection?
  12. dr.no


    Wow, I never knew this site existed. Thank you very much!
  13. dr.no

    The day is upon me!

    Just so everyone knows, I am now a Pte(R) in the PLF primary reserves! Yay! I start weekend BMQs in October. I made it through the system!!!
  14. dr.no

    The day is upon me!

    I'm going into infantry.
  15. dr.no

    The day is upon me!

    Here's a little story about me. On Thursday, April 1, 2004, I handed my completed recruitment form. On Thursday, September 16, my journey as a file in recruitment-land will be over. I'm going to be sworn in at 6:00 pm.  ;D i had some questions for the people that have done this before. 1) What...
  16. dr.no

    Thank you

    Well, today I tried something new. I called the Chief Warrant Officer who handles the files that are recieved from Borden, and was suprised to hear that my file was in!  :o After asking a few questions, I found out that a) my med file was approved, and b) the file would be handed off to the...
  17. dr.no

    Fitness test push up question

    "That voice" nearly drove me insane... ::) "up, 2, 3, down, 2, 3" Although after a while, you find yourself stepping in time with it. Then they stop you, check your pulse, and then you get the faster version. BTW, in my test I did the situps and pushups after the step test and found them a...
  18. dr.no

    Training in summer vs weekends

    Do you have to do basic before anything else, or is there something I can do while waiting for next summer?
  19. dr.no

    Training in summer vs weekends

    Do you still need to get the haircut if you do weekends?
  20. dr.no

    Training in summer vs weekends

    From what I've gathered at the recruiting office and here on the boards, the fact that you can train in the summer or on weekends is fairly well known. What I'm asking is.... Which one is better?