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  1. combatbuddha

    VEH TECH QL3 backlog for PRes at CFSEME?

    It will take awhile longer to train a Res DP1 Veh tech. The new modular system "makes sense" but we won't know until it is validated. The Wpns Techs are going through the same growing pains. I believe this summer is the first year for this with only CET and CETT being covered. Only DP2 legacy...
  2. combatbuddha

    PLQ Eligibility Requirements

    PM Me. I'd like to know more..
  3. combatbuddha

    Definition of "expert"

    Expert: X is the unknown quantity and a spirt is a drip under pressure.
  4. combatbuddha

    Army Courses List

    This must have been filtered as I do not see any of the CFSEME courses listed. Yes CFSEME is an Army school that falls under CTC.
  5. combatbuddha

    Army Courses List

    Have your boss forward your name up the chain to your Ops and Training Pers to be nominated through MITE. That is how most courses get loaded unless they come down as a fastball.
  6. combatbuddha

    Close Combat Vehicle: Canada to buy another AFV (& keeping LAV III & TLAV)

    Typical. Reminds me of the old days. "the cold war is over folks....cut EVERYTHING" LOL
  7. combatbuddha

    Pension Statement

    want the easy way? before penalties take your best averaged monthly wage over 5 years and multiply it by 2%. the multiply that number by how many years you have served. that will give you an estimate of your pension before penalties. very rough, very crude, but works. remember...2% a year and...
  8. combatbuddha

    Does anyone still consider Artillery an area weapon?

    Wow, get a guy where it hurts. As an EO tech and one who loves working on Arty Kit I felt a slight sting in that comment.LOL. I've worked with the GMS system since just after it's infancy and know that it can have issues. Sadley alot of them are operator induced error and sometimes cannot be...
  9. combatbuddha

    Sailors don't wear CADPAT direction by CANFORGEN

    The EME Branch has been a hard and fast member of the Army for a few years now. Our school even falls under the CTC CoC, and not CFSTG like the other schools in Borden. We are not purple, but still support the Army kit and equipment used by all elements and branches.
  10. combatbuddha

    PLATOON 8947

    I was part of 8947. 5 Pl 4 Squad. Some may remember me by the name "Spanky" Drop me a line..
  11. combatbuddha

    110V outlet in Coyote

    Don't ask a mechanic, ask an EO Tech. Most likely you will be told that it cannot be done as this is an illegal mod to the vehicle, no matter how small.
  12. combatbuddha

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    Yes, you will have to attend the Canadian Forces School of Electrical Mechanical Engineering (CFSEME) to complete your trades training. The School is in Borden, Ontario. They run special, condensed courses for the reserves in the summer, or you could be one of the fortunate ones to attend a reg...
  13. combatbuddha

    Weapons You Have Seen In Locations You Did Not Expect To See Them

    After 20 years going by I do know the idiocy of the following events that took place. However. I was a kid, and kids do some really silly things. Before my time in uniform, whilst scuba diving in Okanogan Lake under the floating bridge in Kelowna, I found a WWII 60mm mortor round at 110ft. At...
  14. combatbuddha

    West Coast Trail Trip via DND

    A goods start is to read the policy and guidlines for adventure training. I think it is still a CFAO. As the West Coast Trail is a challenging and rewarding physical activity, it falls within the guidlines to apply for funding as a Adventure Training activity. I planned a trip for my unit in...
  15. combatbuddha

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    All soldiers, except the padre, deploy operationally with an issued weapon. Some members of an EME recovery det or MRT (mobile repair team) could even be issued a pistol as well. How many shooting irons, and the type you get is determined by the job you will be doing, and in most cases...
  16. combatbuddha

    P Res Wpns shop entitlements

    I am going on old data here, so please correct me if the policies have been updated. Here goes Reserve EME workshops, whilst employed in a garrison setting are (were) not allowed to perform maintenance on equipment. The responsibility for such duties falls upon that particular units closest...
  17. combatbuddha

    British REME Warrant Officer Class 1 hoping to enlist - any advice?

    Sorry about that. Been busy getting my post move poop in a group. Go to work at CFSEME on Wednesday for 3 days, and then off for some summer leave. Will be in touch soon.
  18. combatbuddha

    British REME Warrant Officer Class 1 hoping to enlist - any advice?

    I'll cross mine too. I hope this works out for you.
  19. combatbuddha


    Does anyone know if the long awaited decision from higher has been made? I am currently away from work and can't check on things......Something was supposed to come down the pipe mid Mayish......
  20. combatbuddha

    Looking For: Special Edition EME or RCEME prints, perhaps Artist

    I found a couple on the Facebook Group for EME Heritage. If you use Facebook, try joining this one and contacting Mr. Beresford. He is super big into EME Heritage, obviously. The proper name isĀ  "EME Branch Heritage (RCEME Museum)"